16 Exquisite Beds Fit for a Queen

We spend about 30% of our lives in bed, so we can too make it count. Beds are the celebrities of this bedroom (thus the expression”bedspace”), and designwise they’re our opportunity to let our characters shine.

The mattress is a private distance, and unlike having a living room or dining space, you don’t have any one to please but yourself (and whomever you could share your space with). Why don’t you go a little crazy? Indulge your inner monarch, heroine or drama queen. Make a statement. Enjoy yourself.

All these 16 beauties may get you started.

Imagine Living

This dramatic Butterfly mattress from Imagine living in magenta velvet takes control of the space. It’s a small bit Marie Antoinette, a small bit Las Vegas and a bit hot vampire.

Simone Alisa

Graceland goes contemporary with a customized silver headboard in leather.

Robin Pelissier Interior Design & Robin’s Nest

Purple is the colour of royalty, and this plush, tufted headboard is comfy luxury. I love the layered, vibrant bedding too. Elegant and diverse.


Horchow is always breaking my heart, and this mattress could just ship me over the edge. It’s pretty without being too sour. It’s traditional without being a little dull. It’s modern without being cold. Gorgeous.


The Provenzal mattress from Peninsula is French and elaborate and above the top in all the right ways. It would be quite so striking in an easy, contemporary room.


Holy Louis the XIV. This custom baroque beauty is a real statement piece.

Who wants a fancy headboard whenever you have a giant faux fur bedspread? This is understated luxury all the way.

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DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

An easy white Hollywood Regency–style mattress with silver bedding. Nailhead upholstery always ups the elegance element.

Tracery Interiors

I adore this lofty gray flannel headboard created from four simple upholstered panels. When it’s likely to become dramatic and understated at precisely the exact same time, this is it.

This amazing canopy bed is in a cocoon of soft golds and lotions created by extending the cloth from the bedspread up and overhead. It would probably be really hard to get up in the morning in the event that you slept here.

SoCal Contractor

Can somebody please peel me a grape?

tuba yavuzer

Simple, white, contemporary and romantic. There’s always something somewhat exotic about a canopy bed. This beauty is from Egozero Ventiquattro.

Gibson Gimpel Interior Design

Draperies round the bed give even a plain bed a lush, theatrical feel. Even in a room as big and well turned out as this, the mattress is clearly the main event.

Jenna Wedemeyer Design, INC..

This little girl’s fantasy even comes with a crown.

Diane Bennett Bedford

A private hideaway worthy of Cleopatra.

Margaret Donaldson Interiors

This mirrored canopy bed by Amy Howard is appropriate for a superhero. Even without all the bright aqua blue, this bed makes a big effect. Wow.

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