6 Kitchens, 6 DIY Updates

While an unbelievable kitchen remodel is impressive, sometimes a quick fix is a kitchen wants — or you can afford. These users got creative with their spaces, sticking to the fundamentals but still developing a fresh new look. From fresh paint colours to smart countertop solutions into a wise design fix, these six ers were able to upgrade their own kitchens on tight budgets.

1. Cabinetry refresh in New Hampshire

BEFORE: Although the existing closets in tsemdkel’s 1975 ranch were well built, they darkened the already badly lit space. With a quick coat of paint and a new hardwood flooring, the design changed radically.

AFTER: The proprietor maintained the original backsplash because of its classic look and installed new countertops. By taking down a wall which separated the kitchen from the den, she was also able to let more light to the space. “I now have a wonderful, bright great room where there were two small, dark spaces earlier,” she says.

New kitchen size: 13 by 12 feet
Budget: $10,000. The space was designed by the owner with the assistance.
Location: Durham, New Hampshire

2. Bachelor’s barn in Maine

When designer Sarah Carter moved to Maine to reside in a converted barn with a new boyfriend, she found herself having to cook in a chaotic kitchen.

“My South-African, ex-Rugby-playing guy was cute, but clearly oblivious to his surroundings,” she says.

AFTER: Most of her budget went toward infrastructure changes — rewiring, placing in fresh outlets and track lighting, and installing on-demand hot water were musts. The flooring is easy DIY self-stick vinyl tiles, and also the countertop was updated with a simple, stainless steel substrate. Ikea cabinetry and shelves and salvaged furniture supplied the closing — and affordable — bits.

New kitchen size: 20 by 15 feet
Budget: $12,000, perform completed completely on her own
Location: Bristol, Maine

3. New paint and counter finishes from Quebec

AFTER: The bones of capucine28’s kitchen were pretty good, so she understood she can do the decorative work by herself. Sanding and varnishing the cupboards and painting the knobs refreshed the space, as did a new coat of soft yellowish paint. Scrubbing the floor tiles and cleaning the grout revealed that a good kitchen flooring. However, the greatest change was on the countertop, which she refinished using the Encore Countertop system for a natural concrete appearance.

New kitchen size: 11 1/2 by 14 1/2 feet
Budget: $600 CAN, perform completed completely on her own
Location: Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

4. Straightforward floorplan fix in Massachusetts

AFTER: consumer malena933 understood her kitchen wanted an upgrade but she was on a tight budget. Instead of knocking everything out, she had her father carefully remove some of the chimney so she could turn the floorplan from a C to some more of a U shape. She repurposed almost her cabinetry hired a college student to help her install it in the new configuration.New paint and trim to match the original home gave the kitchen consistency.

New kitchen size: 9 by 9 feet
Budget: roughly $10,000. The proprietor did all of the work except electrical and plumbing.
Location: Monument Beach, Massachusetts

5. Empty nest revamp in Texas

AFTER: Since the mother of 3 boys as well as the manager of a tiny donkey ranch, consumer mizzyc didn’t have the time to upgrade her kitchen until her boys were out of the home. Although she’d built it in 1994 with materials intended to resist three sons, it felt outdated and inefficient. She got creative with materials and installation to cut back on prices. Granite has been the significant splurge, but tile from Home Depot and Lowe’s and a sink and faucet found online saved some serious money.

New kitchen size: 14 by 20 feet
Budget: $4,000, owner made the changes herself
Location: Lufkin, Texas

6. Countertop Changes in Alabama

AFTER: consumer pfmorgan1416 set out to redo her kitchen by herself. A DIY subway backsplash, small carpentry changes and new hardware dressed up the space radically — but she was still plagued with a dark green, ’80s design laminate countertop. In the long run, she decided to splurge and contract out for a new granite countertop which made a major difference. Up: A dark hardwood flooring.

New kitchen size: 12 by 12 feet
Budget: Done on her own over many years. The $1,500 granite countertop was greatest splurge.
Location: Alabama

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