Can a Landlord Request for My Ssn?

A SSN can be used for individual identification, and is required to do a credit check on an expected renter. Together with the growth in identity theft, individuals are becoming unwilling to share this info with strangers, particularly before they’ve entered a proper contractual agreement using a landlord or signed a lease. It’s possible for you to refuse to hand out the figures out, however do not be amazed if the landlord, in exchange, refuses to lease to you.


The amount is a special variety of figures assigned to only one man, despite the fact that the Social Security card is not in it self an id card. A landlord uses your SSN not just for credit check functions, but to verify your identity using a background check that is potential. Social Security numbers will also be built-in for banking functions. In accordance with real estate attorney Eric Kahan, quoted in “New York Times,” “Landlords have an obligation to get Social Security numbers when they have been confirming security deposit is the reason renters.”


Generally, a landlord wants an SSN before approving a renter, maybe not after the truth. The amount is normally portion of the application procedure. The renter may question why the advice is important in the event the question comes following a tenancy has started. Consequently, timeliness of the petition is predominant. A renter gets suspicious and begin asking about what, precisely, the number is likely to be utilized for questions. A 2005 courtroom case-in Manhattan identified that the tenant can reject a late or arbitrary request to get an SSN because it’s “prima facie inside information,” according to Jay Romano of “New York Times.”


It is wise to be worried about privacy problems and identity theft, specially when offering something as useful as an SSN. Beth Givens, director of the Privateness Rights Clearing House, highlights that buyers use this significant advice in trades from mobile telephones to lender accounts. “We actually are in a horrible situation now with all the misuse and overuse of The Latest Social Security figures,” she notes within an interview with When offering a landlord your SSN, ask him exactly how he can make use of his techniques of the data together with the amount after he is completed. In the event the landlord does not give apparent responses, or WOn’t give this info out, err on along side it of caution and keep your number


Unfortunately, you’ll find swindlers in the property world. A flat will be shown by bogus landlords, gather applications that are finished from future renters that are several, subsequently sell the informative data on the blackmarket. Additionally, free listing websites including Craigslist are ill-famed for fraudulent listings that request an SSN to get a creditcheck that is preliminary. Ask to find out identification before supplying your SSN and reproduce the info on your records. Search details records that are community for construction direction advice, then con-Tact the principal off-ice number and confirm the landlord’s identification. By having an established property representative, perform for still another tier of safety in place of through independent lease stations.

The Important Thing

For many properties, youare going to need certainly to give your SSN confirm the required accounts and to ensure your lease. If that is an issue, inquire in the event your program will be processed by the landlord together with your personal credit and history reviews. Nevertheless, be ready to have your software refused or to run into issues. Many landlords who ask to get an SSN are merely looking to get advice that is enough as safe as you possibly can for all celebrations concerned to make your lease.