Can You Pair a Paisley Rug With Paisley Curtains?

Paisley is a lovely lace-like motif that features an elaborate pattern of curved, teardrop and amoeba-like statistics. The plan offers a lot of versatility concerning design, scale and coloration, which means you can layer variations of the same motif within a single room setting, like in a place rug and draperies. Tips to successful pattern play include limiting the color palette, contrasting little scale patterns to large, and incorporating at least one solid slice into the room.


The simplest way to introduce pattern is to utilize a monochromatic palette. Select a **shimmery silver-gray and warm white** handwoven area rug in silk with a paisley print. Use similar hues on the draperies, preferably in a cotton or a fabric that uses metallic threads to accent the paisley detail. Layer **medium and dark-toned forests** across the space, and upholster the principal pieces in the room in **oyster**. **Coffee brown** can be used as a darker accent to assist ground the room.

Jewelled Color Play

Create a room filled with power and motion with **spicy red** walls and a golden paisley area rug featuring red, **emerald, amethyst and sapphire**. Select a drapery fabric using the same dominant color as the wall, and continuing with all the **golden tones** and greens of the area rug. For extra design drama, texture and thickness, layer in a vibrant Ikat, gold or gold curtain poles with jewelled finials, bright ceramics, and also solid velvets for larger upholstered pieces.

Opposites Attract

Pattern can be daring and stunning or delicate and subtle. To get a playful interplay, mix both. Select a huge scale flooring pattern on a dark background with a few contrasting bright tones, like **butter purple, ocean blue and poppy red on black**. Paint the walls white, and dress the windows using gauzy **white** draperies, embroidered with a paisley print in the same white. Pair the paisley using all the clean lines of Mid-Century Modern furnishings and warm woods using a grain that is remarkable.

Masculine Luxury

Layer a room rug with a swirling paisley in shades of **plums, dark purple, bright blue and caramel brown** over dark wood floors. The purple grounds the space, while the blue adds a bit of punch, and the brownish adds heat. Introduce upholstered furnishings in brownish **leather** and masculine **tweeds and pinstripes** in wool and brushed flannel. Temper the dark with a lighter coloured drapery on a white background with paisley in blue, olive green, caramel and purplish-red. Tie the two together with paisley toss pillows grounded in caramel with purple, green, yellow yellow and red.

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