Client Cases: 20 Entertaining Ways to Store Bath Toys

Kids have a reputation for having tons of toys. The issue? They finish up all over the tub or toilet. All those toys require a storage option that allows them to wash easily to prevent mildew growth, and you will need something big enough to hold lots of toys. Remove the clutter with these cute and fun ways to shop bath toys. — Maria from Bicultural Mama


Boon Frog Pod – $29.99

This hot bath toy storage unit is a hit for many reasons. It is super adorable (frog in water — ideal!) And is also a removable scoop that can easily pick up bath toys from the water. The holes drain water, and the toes have suction cups to hold the bathtub wall. It is also PVC and phthalate-free and doesn’t include BPA.

One Step Ahead

3-in-1 Sit and Store Tub-Side Seat – $21.95

I love this chair serves several purposes. It conserves parents’ elbows and doubles as a step stool and storage bin.


Skip Hop Tubby Bath Toy Organizer, Orange – $19.99

The best part of this is the fact that it is made with mildew-free net and neoprene, just like wetsuits. It stretches to hold many toys, even the oddly shaped ones, and uses suction cups to stick to the bathtub wall. Were you aware it is also quite trendy?

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Bath Toy Organizer Storage Basket – $12.95

I have this bath storage secretary, and I love that it rests at the close of the tub and is out of the way. My daughter can quickly reach her toys and place them back. It is adjustable and vented at the base to encourage rapid drying.

One Step Ahead

Pelican Bath Toy Storage Pouch – $24.95

Gulp! This pelican stores bath toys by “swallowing” them. The net storage pouch allows air to circulate and dry toys. With this well-thought-out design, kids can access toys out of a secure, seated position. And when it’s mom or dad’s turn to shower, simply turn the pouch round so that it is out of the tub and out of the way.


Brica Corner Toy Basket – $12.74

Save space with this Brica toy holder. It conveniently fits into the corner of the tub and remains in place with suction cups. It’s breathable mesh and hooks to hang a washcloth or small towel.

The Container Store

Folding Crate – $19.99

Though this folding crate out of The Container Store is not promoted for bath toys, parents can easily use it to store them. It has lots of holes to air out toys, and when the kids get older and no longer need it, parents can reuse the crate to their own general storage.


Safety 1st Bath Toy Bag – $4.49

This toy tote is the worth edition of bath toy storage: It is very affordable and functional.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Oggi 2.8-Quart Melamine Colander – $8.99

Sure, colanders are made for the kitchen, but not use them to dry and store tub toys? There are loads of holes to air out toys, plus they are a cost-efficient storage choice.


Sassy Fill Up Fish Toy Organizer – $4.99

This fish toy organizer makes bath time fun for little ones. Store toys within the quick-dry, roomy fish and attach it to the wall with its three suction cups.

Toys R Us

Skip Hop Sort + Spin Fishbowl Bath Sorter – $19.99

This fishbowl bath sorter is both toy and storage unit. Kids can exercise their fine motor abilities by simply fitting the toys to the correct contours on the fishbowl. It suctions on the bath wall and can spin to empty the toys out.

Buy Buy Baby

Aquatopia Croc Bath Toy Organizer Scoop With Clamp – $19.99

This crocodile scoop is great since it is cute and since it has an adjustable clamp that will fit on the aspect of any tub. It is intended to permit air to flow through, and it is also fun to play with — just tap the crocodile on the head, and all the toys come out.


Bathtub Toy Storage Bag, Field of Daisies – $16.97

The Field of Daisies bath storage bag is super cute with its ladybugs and flowers. It is made out of durable plastic mesh and has a single large pocket plus four smaller pouch pockets for lots of storage.


Bath Toy Bin – $8.97

This is a sensible bath storage bin with a trap door that kids can open to allow the toys pour out. Its design allows for plenty of airflow to wash toys and minimize mildew.


Bath Toy Store

The Küster bathroom toy storage is super stylish and functional. Available in many different colors, it will scoop up toys and drain water in the bottom.


Dream Baby Toy Hammock and Toy Chain – $10.98

This toy hammock is fantastic for either the bathroom or the bedroom. It is affordable, simple and functional.


The Potty Patty Tub Toy Organizer, Pink – $19.95

This bath toy organizer is shaped like a seashell and fits over the edge of the tub. The lid keeps everything indoors and stays open for simple access.


Whale Pail – $29.99

Oxo is famous for its comfortable and operational goods, and also this Whale Pail is no exception. Use it to gather, rinse and keep bath toys, and large ventilation holes will allow the toys dry.


Mesh Pockets Clear Vinyl Shower Curtain

Kids will probably enjoy watching their toys displayed on this shower curtain. Parents will need to help kids get toys out of the pockets that are higher, but it is a nice way to keep toys out of the way — no longer stepping on them when it is your turn.


Summer Infant Bath Time Corner Organizer

This corner net organizer is roomy and conserves space by fitting at the corner of the tub. It uses suction cups to stick to the walls, and the net material allows toys to dry.

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