Favorite Color Combinations: Red and Turquoise

If you want to turn up the volume in a room a bit, consider combining turquoise and red. The two colors are almost opposites (green and red are opposite colors; orange and blue are opposite colours ). The outcome is that the contrast is sharp without driving your eyes buggy. Let’s take a look at all the various ways it is possible to add this exciting pair of colors to your home.

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Why not start off having a room that’s very saturated in colour? The bright red desk pops against the turquoise walls.

I don’t need to get bogged down in colour theory, as it is not my strong suit. But on a 12-spoke color wheel, turquoise is simply one click away from becoming red’s opposite. Thus, red seems more vibrant alongside turquoise than it does when paired with most other colors.

This room shows how nicely the mix works with Asian-inspired design. The chinoiserie panels and pagoda-shaped lamp base add Far Eastern flavor.

Yes, I understand this colour is just somewhat bit more peacock than turquoise, but that could resist including this lovely bedroom?

You don’t need to pay a wall in turquoise or red to enjoy the combo. Balancing pieces of furniture and artwork that incorporate the hues creates an eye-popping eclectic space.


Small accessories are another great way to bring these colors to your property.

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Dear Daisy Cottage

Kim McCole, owner of the Dear Daisy Cottage, has mastered with these colors throughout her cheerful home, patio and porch.

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This beach house from the rainy Northwest of the United States needs all the indoor cheer vibrant turquoise has to offer. The turquoise paint colour helps make the painting with the reddish background stick out.

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Carolina V. Gentry, RID

While the many of the room is coated in light neutral shades, the shams and toss pillow provide all the colour it requires.


More subdued shades of these colors lend a classy appearance. Here, both colors have been darkened a little bit.

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You can also incorporate these colors within an abysmal backsplash. As you may see, yellowish works nicely with turquoise and red.

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Here’s another example of the trio — yellow, turquoise and red — working together in harmony.

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Of course, opposites attract. Turquoise looks fantastic with its opposite colour, orange, too. If you like turquoise and red, you are going to like orange and turquoise too. Unless, of course, you happen to despise something or orange.

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