Get Creative With Your Bathroom Floor Tile

So much tile is installed only and in a running bond pattern, like brick, till it fills a room wall. But bathroom flooring tile has an chance to become so much more: It could be a means to split the room, make a path or make a focal point. Do not allow your bathroom flooring tile go overlooked — understand to contrast materials, shapes and sizes to make an unforgettable experience.

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Using Tile to Define Spaces

In this example the different floor tiles create another place for the bathtub; the same tile is employed in the shower pan. The diagonal border between the tile and another floor leads right to the vanity, effectively partitioning the spaces however combining them with replicated materials.

With this kind of installation, be sure to plan the angles and put the tile out carefully so that you don’t wind up with small pieces of tile in very visible areas.

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In the same way, the pebble tile within this bath delineates the room to the shower and frames every side of the shower opening. The pebbles have the benefit of adding texture.

Tip: When considering pebble tile, remember that more grout will be visible than with standard tile. Talk with your tile setter about just how much grout to expect and if there’s a choice for less. The answers might help determine the colour of grout you select.

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One-of-a-Kind Treatments

You can always pull out all the stops and let your tile cascade down the wall and spill on the ground. This particular installment required routering outside a piece of bamboo floor to make an opening to get a pool of bubble tile.

Tip: Pick your flooring tile colours and textures attentively, plan your routine beforehand and get ready to make adjustments on the fly when your tile setter arrives. Experienced tile setters will allow you to attain the look you want and determine the areas in which you have a decision to make regarding cuts and also the size of grout lines.

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Decorative Borders

Tile can also cause a decorative edge around a room. In cases like this the border proceeds under the corner tub, drawing the attention to the bathtub. In a bath with cabinets and much more fixtures, this may not work as well because the border could be disrupted.

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Tile borders can also comply with the walls, jump into showers or toilet rooms, and skip around the fronts of vanities. Inside this photograph a black edge of two- by 2-inch hexagonal tiles is set two full tiles off the wall.

Tip: Do not neglect heat registers or grilles when you do so. Either run the tile edge through them or relocate them so that the register is beyond the line.


Tile “Rugs”

Flooring can also be ordered to make a tile framework in the center of a room that imitates the expression of a rug. This can be achieved with a mosaic tile edge, full of more field tile.

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Additionally, it is likely to fill the area inside the edge with a secondary tile layout, which creates visual interest and texture.

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Powder rooms are ideal places to get a full-floor, detailed tile layout, but having layouts laid out precisely in such a little space can be hard. Work closely with your own tile installer to guarantee that the pattern works out exactly the way you intended.

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It is also possible to plan a powder-room-size tile layout in the middle of a bigger room. In this photo the Ann Sacks tile setup is a throw rug look-alike in a bath with otherwise uniform lines and colours.

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