Guest Groups: A Kid-Friendly Christmas

How can you unwind at Christmastime if you’re concerned the kids will break all those fragile ornaments and holiday decoration? And how can kids stay amused in those weeks off from school? This year a couple of kid-friendly Christmas ideas are just the trick to keep everyone happy. Check out some of these fun activities and sensible decorations for the little ones in your lifetime.

Brittany from One Charming Party

One Charming Party

Make a couple sweet treats with your kids at Christmastime, or surprise them having an abysmal snack. Frost regular cupcakes with vanilla frosting, stick a red jawbreaker or gumball onto a straight candy cane with a few curry, and you have the North Pole. The North Pole tags can be found as a download here.

Meri Meri

The Nutcracker Tale Cupcake Kit – $11.95

These kits are an easy way to make your cupcakes look festive in a snap. Am I the only one who forgets until the final minute they signed up to have a dessert into a holiday celebration? Today no one will need to know.

Bonnie Blue 6in. Cake Stand – $44

This is one of my favorite cake stands. It’s sturdy enough to handle being accidentally tipped over (or dropped on a soft surface), along with the bright blue shade is guaranteed to bring a smile to a child’s face. It’s perfect for displaying all those yummy treats you are going to be making.


Hoot Laminated Kids’ Apron by Danica Studios – $14.95

If kids will help in the kitchenmake it unique and keep their clothes clean. This owl apron is constructed of laminated cotton for easy clean up — bonus!

Cost Plus World Market

Nothing is simpler than making a dessert out of a box, and your kids will still have a blast assisting you to stir the components. You can find gourmet kits at inexpensive prices that will wow your taste buds.

Sundance Catalog

Season’s Greatest Ribbons – $35

Let your kids help you wrap presents for friends, relatives and neighbors. Practice makes perfect with this job, therefore the younger they start and the more experience they get, the sooner they’ll be wrapping those presents like a pro.


Red Reindeer Letterpress Gift Tags by Shortgrass Designs – $10

Sometimes elegantly wrapped presents are, well, too dull for kids. You’re able to create their presents fun with a few kid-friendly labels. Plus, these letterpress tags are complex enough to keep you happy.


Wool Felted Ball Ornament in Blue, Red and White by Woolicious – $19

Small children love decorations, therefore for several years we did not have some decorations on the lower half of the Christmas tree. If you like a fully decorated tree, start looking for soft and durable decorations which kids can touch and not break. I love this wool, felted decoration. I wouldn’t want my kids to play this gorgeous decoration, but it certainly wouldn’t break if they did.

Oriental Trading Co..

Snowflake Craft Kit – $5.99

If you would like to create ornaments with your kids, simple and affordable kits are available online. These are fantastic ideas for school parties as well.

Hammond’s Candies

Peppermint Candy Cane – $2.75

Hang genuine candy canes in your tree. They will be enjoyable and vibrant, and it won’t matter whether they break. Just don’t be surprised if you discover a couple of half missing or eaten.

The Land of Nod

Pink Zig Zag Hand Knit Stocking – $29

You might even use those gorgeous candy canes to fulfill a cute stocking. Around our house, Santa likes to include fun toys and additional presents to the kids’ stockings to get some extra excitement.

Garnet Hill

Hats and Mittens Advent Calendar – $98

When you’re a child, it will take forever for Christmas to eventually get here. To help the time , purchase or create a simple advent calendar. Fill small socks and mittens with little presents for your children to start each day since they countdown the days to Christmas.


Knitted Mittens by BugEater’s Knits

If you’re going to go outdoors in winter, be sure those little hands are coated — and looking adorable! Handmade mittens are always in style and easy to find online.

The Land of Nod

Kids Snowball Maker – $9.95

If you live in a snowy area, you know just how cold your hands can get through a snowball battle. I wish I had one of those snowball manufacturers when I was a child.


Toysmith Dress a Snowman Kit – $14.95

If you think snowball fights are in bad taste, then set your snowy skills to work creating a snowman. There are lots of kits for dressing your snowman, or you can use things from around your house. My kids will stare out the window at their snowman friend for days as he gradually melts away.

Garnet Hill

Zipfyâ„¢ Mini Luge – $40

If you would like to take your outdoor adventure up a notch, you can take the kids sledding. It’s always a joy, and the simple plastic sleds that I grew up with have definitely been enhanced.

Epicurean Foods

Gingerbread House Kit – $19.99

My kids and I decorate gingerbread houses each year. It’s a wonderful way for each of us to communicate our imagination, but don’t be surprised if the candy gradually goes missing.

Barnes & Noble

Hot Chocolate by Michael Turback – $9.95

Powdery hot cocoa is certainly the easiest to create, but in the event that you want to give it a try, which makes hot chocolate from scratch is enjoyable and rewarding. My kids prefer the immediate gratification of this powder, but they never complain when I create the true stuff.

Dean & DeLuca

Handmade Vanilla Marshmallows – $8

There are lots of recipes online for making your own homemade marshmallows (or you can always pick some up at the gourmet food shop ). Consider using cookie cutters to create cool shapes to get a little fun on your hot chocolate.

Sweet Lulu

Striped Paper Straws: Red – $4

Hot chocolate, and any other drink, tastes better with a vibrant straw. Your kids will love the bright red stripes. My favorite trick is to trim the straw with scissors so that it’s more proportional into the cup.

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