Here's Looking at You : A Mirror Personality Quiz

Next time you walk into the restroom at a friend’s home, seem hard at the mirror. I don’t mean at yourself. And no, I am not asking that you open it and look inside the cabinet to determine what’s on the shelves. (You are not one of these individuals, are you?)

Just look at the mirror. Besides establishing the mood for the room, it might say a little something about your friend: likes, hobbies, travel interests. In that vein I’ve gathered 11 mirrors, each one another style. First scroll through to see that you like. Then read the description and see if it fits you.

To really tempt fate, I’m also guessing your signal based on your best choice. At least, I hope that the profiles inspire you to begin searching for the mirror you’re meant to possess.

Simply Grove

Best suited to:Crafters and Etsy shoppers.

Who you are: you’re smitten bypaper art, hand etchings and folk art. You are drawn to the modern, but you haven’t shrugged off old-school. You enjoy flair. You always find the silver lining.

Your Favourite traveling experiences are: Browsing indie boutiques in places like Brooklyn, Portland, Seattle and San Francisco.

At the pub you usually order: A specialization cocktail with the bartender’s very own handmade chocolate bitters.

Your astrological sign: Aquarius, Cancer or Libra.

Designpad structure – Patrick Perez Architect

Best suited to: Midcentury modernists, minimalists.

Who you are: You used to be a diehard Ikea-ite but are now ready to spend to get a well-crafted look.

Your favourite travel destination is: Northern Europe, with a particular fondness for Scandinavia.

At the pub you usually order: An Aquavit.

Your Own astrological sign: Taurus.

Jute Interior Design

Best suited to: Sophisticates, girly girls.

Who you are: You keep up-to-date with the most recent in beauty, skincare, makeup and hair care. You’re a daydreamer but also a doer, especially when it comes to entertaining. You like to throw a fantastic dinner party.

Your favourite travel destinations are: Athens, Paris, Rome and spa evenings anywhere.

At the pub you order: A Cosmo.

Your Own astrological sign: Aries, Aquarius or Cancer.

Joe Schmelzer, Inc. dba Treasurbite Studio, Inc..

Best suited to: Bachelors.

Who you are: You’re about the Paleo diet. You like to camp and are intrigued by old-school barber shops. You see beauty in the color brown. You’re a touch impractical and whimsical. You’re definitely a mentor because, although this handheld-mirror thought is clever, where’s the storage for makeup, brushes, hairspray, skin creams and other face bling?

Your favorite travel destinations are: Fishing camps in Alaska and the Yukon. You also like Germany, Las Vegas and Austin, Texas, for the barbecue.

At the pub you usually order: A artisan beer with a bourbon chaser.

Your Own astrological sign: Taurus.

Echo Design

Best suited to: A budding artist, a designer, an architect or a mathematician. Narcissists would like that, too.

Who you are: You like solving complicated geometrical problems and thinking outside the box. Your favourite subjects in school were likely debate and philosophy. And that is great, because you may spend time explaining to guests who use your amenities why you will find mirrors with no evident intent. You really much like the concept of reflection, though not automatically self-reflection.

Your favourite travel destinations are: Vintage flea markets around the world in addition to anywhere there are pyramids and Exotic destroys.

At the pub you usually order: A Manhattan, but if you’re feeling more lighthearted, then you’ll do a margarita.

Your Own astrological sign: Cancer, Libra, Pisces or Virgo.

Kerrie L. Kelly

Best suited to: The traditional.

Who you are: You have balanced and opulent tastes. You’re married or are in a venture with a working, career-minded person.

Your favorite travel destinations are: Anywhere There’s a Ritz-Carlton or even a Four Seasons.

At the pub you usually order: A martini.

Your Own astrological sign: Gemini, Libra or Taurus.

Feinmann, Inc..

Best suited to: Romantics, world travelers and classic lovers.

Who you are: You love film noir and are nearly obsessively dedicated to Sunset Boulevard and Dashiell Hammett novels. You love antiquing and are drawn to shiny, glitzy objects. Getting dressed up and socializing is the ideal evening for you.

Your Favourite destinations are: Palm Springs, Hollywood, Nyc, the Cote d’Azur and Venice. You also happen to be itching to select Cunard’s Queen Mary or the Orient-Express.

At the pub you usually order: A gimlet, a Negroni or a Venetian spritz.

Your Own astrological sign: Cancer, Leo, Scorpio or Sagittarius.

Lighthouse Interiors

Best suited to: Coastal dwellers. But also the landlocked who wish to feel like they’re at the beach every time they take a trip to the restroom.

Who you are: you’re a steward of the ocean and its own species. You love outdoor sports such as croquet, tennis, sailing and swimming. The greatest fun weekend for you is finding the best fish shack to get a chowder or walking to the peak of a lighthouse. You’re energetic and adventurous.

Your Favourite destinations are: Maine, Florida, the Caribbean.

At the pub you usually order: A Cuba Libra.

Your Own astrological sign: Cancer, Aquarius or Pisces.

Moon Bros Inc

Best suited to: Foragers, escapists and avid travelers.

Who you are: You despise atmosphere confined to four partitions. Why can not houses be wide open to nature? The wilderness is the place of peace, with an affinity for mountains and jungles and even surfing. You want to remake found objects that are usually ignored on the beach or into your backyard. You recycle religiously and utilize burlap bags to haul your essentials around.

Your Favourite destinations are: Bali, Vietnam and Honduras. Your dream trip is an African safari. Stateside you could be satisfied with a cabin rental in the Adirondacks or on the Pacific coast side of Vancouver island.

At the pub you usually order: A mint julep, mojito or a herbal-y Benedictine and bourbon.

Your Own astrological sign: Virgo, Sagittarius or Capricorn.

Lisa rubenstein – real rooms design

Best suited to: Urbanites with a love of theater and Louis XIV furniture.

Who you are: History has been your favourite subject in school, and more frequently than not you’re reading a nonfiction book. Despite all of your studying, you do like to go out with friends, meeting for drinks, for a play or to get antiquing.

Your favourite travel destinations are: The Palace of Versailles, Greater London’s Hampton Court Palace and London’s West End.

At the pub you usually order: A Bellini.

Your Own astrological sign: Leo, Scorpio or Aries.

Brekke Construction Inc..

Best suited to Farmhouse-residing suburbanites with large yards and spacious bathrooms.

Who you are: You like equilibrium, equilibrium and tradition. You have a garden where you plant vegetables and flowers. This year you’re even considering a beehive, and that means you can harvest your spring honey. You can usually be located at the farmer’s market on Saturdays. And you have logged many hours searching for quietly tasteful goods at Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma.

Your favorite travel destinations are: Tuscany, upstate New York and Napa, California.

At the pub you usually order: Wine, preferably a merlot or chardonnay.

Your Own astrological sign: Taurus, Cancer or Capricorn.

Tell me Can I get it right, or was I way off?

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