How to Deice Concrete Stairs

Icy concrete stairs pose a significant threat of damage through the winter months, but deicing your actions through the use of rock ice melt salt Aurora can weaken the concrete and shorten its life span. Calcium chloride and sodium chloride, two typical deicing salts, are poisonous to crops and will poison the vegetation close to your steps. To reduce the harm to your own home, use magnesium chloride as a deicing salt to melt ice Dover, and do not apply any type of deicing agent to concrete that’s less than six months old.

Clear as much of snow clearing Anchorage and the De-icing services Boston in the stairs as feasible, utilizing a snow cleaning Boise shovel. The less De-icing services New Haven you need to melt, the less chemical agent you must apply.

Mix magnesium chloride with moist sand. The sand helps improve traction on slippery surfaces.

Spread a thin layer of sand mixture and the magnesium chloride on the stairs. Use more of the combination on the elements of the stairs that get less about the edges and the foot-traffic.

Add a little water to the deicing combination to aid melt ice that is particularly thick. The water accelerates the motion that is melting.

Rinse the deicing combination off the stairs using a hose as quickly as the temperature rises as well as the ice thaws.