How to Prepare for Pest Control Service

You can’t just leave everything to the pest control service when it comes to keeping your home free from pests. Effective elimination also requires some effort on your part. In fact, it should be a partnership between you as the homeowner and the pest control Tuscaloosa professionals.

Here’s how you can prepare for this type of service for your home.

Store All Food

Make sure all the food in your house is kept in a can or jar. If possible, store the food in the fridge or in a container that has a tightly closed lid. Keep the food stored for at least two weeks from the time that the Tuscaloosa exterminators service leaves your home. This should include all kinds of foods such as candies, chips, cereals, nuts, bread, and grain-based foods. If there are any pet foods, keep them stored securely as well. Although pet foods are usually kept in a bag, rodents could chew in them and will have easy access to the food.

Make sure you also remove all those food products placed above your refrigerator, kitchen counter, shelf, sink, and other open places.

Repair All Holes in Your Wall

Check your home and see if there are any holes around the walls, baseboards, doors, etc. If there are, make sure you repair and seal them properly. For people who live in apartments, make sure you report these issues to the management so they can arrange the necessary repairs. Remember that pests could get into these holes, even in gaps that are as small as ¼-inch. Rats are able to pass through this hole too.

Remove Unnecessary Storage

You should eliminate all the unnecessary storage in your home such as empty boxes and closets because rodents love to take shelter in these areas. Aside from calling these places home, they will feed on the items that are kept in there, such as paper and clothes. These places are also a perfect breeding ground for some pests, which explains why they tend to multiply so fast.

Talk to a Technician

It’s a good idea to spend some time talking to the professionals before they get started with the job. Discuss the situation and take note of those areas where you have seen the presence of pests so they will know which areas they should focus on. The technician might need to set up and place a variety of traps and baits on these areas. Avoid touching or disturbing these things during or after the pest control service.

Clean Your Home Regularly

In order to keep the pests from ever coming back, make sure you clean your home regularly. Sweep or vacuum your home at least once a week. Take the trash out and keep the lids of the trashcans on. Basically, all areas in your house should be kept as clean as possible in order to discourage these pests from coming back.

When you follow the tips above, it will be easier for the pest control Tuscaloosa AL professionals to address the pest problems in your home.