How to Remove Moss from Your Roof

There’s nothing wrong with having thick moss growing on your roof. The lush green and verdant pattern of moss can offer quite a picturesque appearance on your roof but even then, you need to keep it checked. Overgrown moss can be damaging to Chandler roofing. Therefore, it’s very important to remove moss before it does too much damage.

How and Why Moss Happens

Before we start looking at some of the steps you can take to completely remove moss from your roof, it’s important to, first of all, understand why moss grows. Areas on the roof that don’t get direct sunlight will be the most susceptible to moss. Most of the time, the moss will begin as a thin green dusting.  

It will develop perennially focusing on areas that tend to be damp and cooler. The areas between the shingles and the edge will probably provide the most ideal environment for moss. However, as the plant continues to grow and thicken, it will easily get under the shingles and push it upwards like a jack. This leads to massive roof damages that will require a lot of money to fix.

Using Dry Powder

It’s important to get rid of the moss as soon as possible. One of the most common solutions used these days is dry powder. It’s easy to apply and does the job quite effectively. The first thing you need is a ladder to climb to the roof. Once you are there, apply the dry powder in lines parallel to the roof’s ridge.

It’s often advisable to apply the powder during the rainy season. If you were to apply the powder to the entire roof, you would need a lot of it, which would cost a lot of money. In light of this, you can simply apply one or two lines of dry powder. When the rain comes, the water will mix up with the powder and hit every inch of moss on the roofing Chandler. Within a week or two, the problem will be solved.

Using Liquids

If you don’t want to use dry powder, there are liquid solutions that can also be used for the job. The liquids are very easy to apply, especially if you have a garden hose. The liquid often covers the entire roof with ease compared to powder. You don’t need a ladder for the job. As long as there’s sufficient water pressure it will be easy to apply the solution. In addition to this, when you use dry powder, sometimes the white residue that remains behind can be unsightly. This will require additional cleaning. If you don’t have the time to do follow-up cleaning after applying the moss killer, you’d be better off using liquid agents.

Removing moss from your roof repair Chandler AZ should be considered an important roof maintenance activity. You will reduce the risk of roof damage substantively by getting rid of moss as soon as it appears.