Kitchen Thoughts for Bread Lovers

I’m a carboholic. I really like carbohydrates of any type, but when I could have just one refined type, bread (included in a diet that includes copious amounts of veggies, fruits, proteins and healthful fats, naturally) would be just fine with me. Given that bread dates back some 30,000 decades, I’m not alone in my passion.

If you are also a fanatic for an excellent loaf (I’ve a heartfelt compassion for those who suffer with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease), then here are a few techniques to incorporate bread into your everyday kitchen decor.

Murphy & Co.. Layout

Locate a appropriate place for the idolized food. I like to worship mine in plain sight, as in this kitchen. Bread bins are a wonderful way to add personality to a countertop.

Tip: Bread saved in the fridge really goes stale faster than if it’s saved in a sealed container at room temperature.

Envision Web

If you would rather keep counters clean, save a bread bin at the pantry. Here each of those bins has its own shelf for a clean appearance. Pantries that close offer you a fantastic chance to experiment with bold colors if you are too bashful to do so outside in the open.

Pick bread cubes in colors that nourish your senses. That way every time you start the pantry, you’ll get a jolt of exhilaration, rather than just in the prospect of toast.

Artisan Kitchens Inc..

Bread is so much a priority within this kitchen a drawer proudly flaunts its dedication. “The decoration was engraved right into the timber,” says designer Amy Britton of Artisan Kitchens. “Then darkened blue paint was applied before the closing lighter blue was rolled across the face.”

Tip: Hand paint decoration (freehand or with a stencil) onto a drawer for a similar effect that can be painted later if need be.

Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry

In an unmarked drawer, bread is sealed beneath a see-through cover to preserve its freshness.

Set close to counter height, this bread jar is accompanied by a cutting board. This sort of setup is particularly useful during dinner parties when all of the countertop space is used.

Crisp Architects

We should not overlook bread sticks built into the cabinetry design. Oftentimes created as a appliance garage, the pit behind the roll-up door serves as a near-airtight compartment that is fantastic for bread as well.

Marcia Moore Design

Not everyone can donate drawer or pantry space to a single food item, particularly in kitchens with property. This kitchen has around the problem with a bread basket hung in an entry mirror with hooks.

Tip: To re-create this space-saving cutting board, designer Marcia Moore suggests purchasing a narrow console table at any end and including a bit of butcher block custom cut to your preferred dimensions.

Optimise Design

Breaking bread. Even more important than storing bread is the glorious consumption of it together with loved ones. While I’m personally a fan of this barbaric tearing method, wherein just a pair of hands is required to indulge in the beautiful loaf that sits before mepersonally, not all guests will love being subjected to such a spectacle.

To get a more refined method of cuttingedge, a sturdy wood cutting board and superior bread knife will do the job best. The board shown here features a wooden lip that can help anchor it to the countertop for much more precise cuts (and less prospect of cutting yourself).

Alex Amend Photography

This is the picture that inspired me to make this ideabook. I really like how the bread boards are used as functional wall art.

Boards come in many different shapes and sizes to best suit the loaf you have selected to share with guests. They also produce a screen that is reminiscent of the old times, when they have been habitually hung up for easy access.

How do you observe bread in your kitchen?

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