Proper Mulch for Strawberries

Strawberry plants (Fragaria x ananassa) need appropriate mulch for optimum development and produce. They prosper in areas with full sun, excellent drainage and acidic-to- soils that are neutral. June- bearing fresh fruit – bearing fresh fruit from summer to the fall. Strawberries increase in U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 3 through 9.


Mulch is any artificial or natural materials you spot atop the soil to cover and guard it. Several benefits are offered by mulch for your patch. It minimizes weed growth, which decreases the quantity of time you require to invest weeding. It minimizes water-use for the reason that it stops the sunlight from hitting. As it decomposes it also enhances soil quality. The best mulches for crops are straw, plastic and pine needles.


Straw is a correct mulch for strawberries that are over-wintering and throughout the growing period. Throughout the growing period, weed growth is one to two inches deep retarded by a layer of straw and retains dirt off the fresh fruit. In the cold temperatures freezing and thawing of temperatures 20 degrees Fahrenheit or below, along with the floor, injury strawberry crops. To avoid injury, before the soil temperature drops to 40 degrees Fahrenheit for three times wait and location less than six inches of straw on the plants. Rake off the straw in the spring when new development is shown by crops. The most useful sort of straw for strawberries is soybean, wheat or oat straw.

Plastic Mulch

Mulch is used by strawberry growers, and also you are able to too. Ultraviolet-resistant plastic sheeting is a correct mulch for strawberries before and following planting Redding. Cover the region that is specific with black plastic mulch to reduce nitrogen reduction through the wet or winter period. Growers use clear or black plastic mulch to to manage weeds and also to improve the temperature of the soil. Before utilizing plastic mulch throughout the growing period, lay drip tape for irrigation.

Pine Needles

Pine needles also known as straw, improve the acidity of the soil as they decompose and somewhat are a correct mulch for strawberries. With slug issues they’re an I Deal option to to plastic mulch. Mulch creates a moist environment slugs love, while pine needles and sharp repel these creatures. Mulch with about 2 to 3″ of pine needles several weeks after the crops blossom after planting Redding or right. Add needles to produce a depth of three to four inches to insulate over-wintering crops from your cold.