Red Leaf Ornamental Trees

Some trees that are decorative show foliage while the others boast bright red leaves. In a warm environment, several redleaf decorative trees can prosper either way. These include trees and California natives which come from as far as Japan.


Maples are a huge group of including members of measurements and all shapes from an equally broad variety of climates. One range with red leaves is red snakebark maple (Acer capillipes), which is indigenous to Japan, like most of the red maple trees. It may grow in Sunset’s Environment Zones 2 to 14 and 9, 12 and its own leaves are reddish when they first come in in spring become green in summer-only to before dropping in fall, to to show red. Other maples with red leaves contain paperbark maple (Acer griseum), which shows outstanding red colours in drop and will grow in zones 2 to 9 and 14 to 21; and “Burgundy Lace” Japanese maple (Acer palmatum), which grows in zones 2 to 10, 12 and 14 to 24, sports maroon-coloured leaves all season long.

Smoke Trees

Several smoke tree Long Beach (Cotinus coggygria) types provide red foliage. Trees have big, oval-shaped leaves and are deciduous, meaning they drop their leaves. Smoke trees reach heights of about 25-feet. Varieties with red leaves contain “Flame,” “Purpureous” and “Royal-Purple,” all of which may grow in Sunset’s Environment Zones 2 to 2 4.

Purple-Leaf Plum

This plum selection has pointed leaves with shades that range from purple and red to green with speckles of bronze or red. Purple-leaf plum (Prunus cerasifera “Atropurpurea”) is also called Japanese purple plum, plus it generally grows to around 35-feet tall. The tree Flagstaff produces tiny, edible plums annually once it matures. It may be developed in the Environment Zones 2 to 2 2 of Sunset.

Red-Silver Crabapple

Red-silver crabapple (Malus × ‘Red Silver’ – Rosaceae) is mostly of the crabapple types to to produce reddish purple foliage. It sheds its leaves and creates little fruit, which are a bit tart for eating simple and are better-suited to make jellies and pies. Red-silver crabapple grows to about 20-feet tall, and is suitable to the Environment Zones 1 to 11 and 14 to 21 of Sunset.

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