Sangria Colors: Punch Colours for the New Year

Some observe the New Year using a glass of Sangria…but maybe you have also considered this gay drink now offers colour inspiration? Using its combination of lemon, orange, crimson, lime, grape, melon and berry, Sangria is a good example of how colors can co-exist in fruity, a fun and gay manner.

Vanessa De Vargas

Crimson is the colour in Sangria, and individuals are generally fearful of adding colours to it, because red is this kind of strong colour. However, the fact remains, crimson loves business! In this area -orange and berry the reddish wall colour is really tempered by pillows.

Eisner Style LLC

Yellows will also be a good solution to tone down a powerful surface that is reddish.

Susan Diana Harris Home Design

Red and orange are equally vivid colours, but there’s almost no contrast, since they lie next to every other on the colour wheel. Consequently, you produce a space that’s pleasant to the eye and can utilize these bold colours.


A Sangria accent wall places the emphasis on the bath in this bath. Pops of orange put in a light hearted touch.

Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc.

Using – produces a timeless colour palette that is Victorian.

Hint: This kind of colour scheme operates best in a normal space.

valerie pasquiou insides + style, inc

Any table cans change into a spectacular focus.

Hint: In The Event That you are using red with purple but need the red to actually stand out, make use of a dull color of purple. It and the red will not compete.

Pairing green and reddish produces a normal equilibrium, because both of these colours lie right across from each other on the colour wheel, making them accurate complementary colours.

Amy Lau Style

Hint: To keep your Sangria palette from seeking like Xmas colours, use warm greens which contain more yellowish than blue.


By including only citrus colours to crimson, develop a warm, modern space. Select from orange, lime, lemon or a DD all three.

My Sangria colour combination traces:
Red: My Valentine 1330 by Benjamin Moore
Yellowish: Pine-Apple Grove 333 by Benjamin Moore
Orange: Kumquat 6648 by Sherwinwilliams
Green: Lime Rickey 6717 by Sherwin Williams
Purple: Plum Jam 690B-7 by Behr