Style 101: Now's Rustic Look's Birthplace

Creating rustic nuance can feel like a nitpicky procedure, however, the payoff is enormous. The right balance of materials and features evokes memories, some you can’t quite put your finger. Whether the house is a very simple log cabin, a farmhouse with a porch, a wood lodge in the mountains or a weathered cottage on the beach, the details will inform the story.

I thought it’d be interesting to break down it. Within this 10-part series, I’ll show you how you can combine authenticity with convenience when letting the fashion of your house lead the way for all of the details. The concluding wrap-up will show how to pull those bits together.

For this part, let’s examine the four basic styles of pastoral structures. Terms like “cottage,” “farmhouse,” “cabin” and “lodge” mean something different to each person. (I have ongoing arguments with people within which will be the front yard and that’s the backyard of a cabin) The descriptions and photos below illustrate what I mean by these phrases and styles — and might help you pin down the rustic style you desire.

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The Cabin

Having a dark-stained log outside and fieldstone chimney, this is the quintessential cabin. Much like many homes of the past, cabins were constructed from material found on the surrounding land and utilized surplus industrial material purely for function. Watch the firewood entrance doorway along with breezeway roof?

Lands End Development – Designers & Builders

Homes which have been around for generations were often modified through time, either with an addition or joined with different structures on the property by a connecting breezeway. The house above is new structure, but the substances used and the positioning of the cottages re-create the past.

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Original log homes were constructed by piling logs that were notched. Settlers had to shape the timber themselves; they used chinking to fill openings between irregular-size logs and to allow timber to expand and warp over time.

Back afterward chinking was made of local materials, typically mud or clay mixed with straw. Today flexible acrylics are used, but the look can be kept true and rugged by opting for hand-hewn logs and comprehensive but somewhat jagged chinking.

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The Cottage

much like almost any home style, there are numerous variations on cottage style, each triggering a different picture in my mind — most of which can be small, sweet and a little romantic. For a contemporary rustic cottage, let’s think American beach cottage rather than Victorian cottage. Weathered cedar shakes and white clapboard siding. Bright and airy interiors.

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A classic characteristic of cottage style is painted timber. It shows up on ceilings, floors, wallsand cabinetry. Open toddlers and all-white insides are also no strangers to the beach cottage.

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The Farmhouse

The farmhouse holds a permanent place in the rural landscape and signifies hard work while promising security and relaxation. More than any other fashion, this type of home along with the outbuildings it sits are profoundly connected to the land — white dots in the midst of a green area. Frequent elements are large porches on which to kick boots off; unfussy, pitched rooflines; and simple siding.

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Built without lavishness or waste, farmhouses historically have been assembled using material that has been readily available: rough-hewn beams, a fieldstone dining room fireplace and wide plank flooring, for example.

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The Lodge

Large wood trusses, soaring ceilings, oversize fireplaces and chimneys define these homes. The roof is really a thick cedar or slate shingle. Think of the vacation homes on Lake Tahoe.

The lodge is about the view, so the windows are enormous. The exterior, alongside the exterior fireplace, often has a blend of substances: board and batten, vertical plank and wood posts. Like the remaining details, the trim around the doors and windows is broad and large.

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When you walk into a lodge, it’s likely you will find a fireplace centered in the room, open on all four sides. Thick timbers and heavy pillars are the bones, therefore industrial metallic strapping and fixtures feel right at home.

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