Tennis Anyone? Inspiration from Wimbledon

Is your neck tired from following all of the volleying going on in England at this time? Watching the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world gives me knee strain each time, even though the last time I had a lesson my racquet was very small and wooden, and Martina and Boris took home the most Wimbledon decorations. No matter — adding tennis-inspired items to your decor will remain sporty, preppy and enjoyable.


Tennis-ball green looks fantastic with chocolate brown, and the oversized tennis ball throw cushions add a playfulness to the bedscape. Even if you don’t want to go this deep into a motif, the color palette can inspire you.


Richelieu Hardware 1 3/8″ Diameter Tennis Ball Knob – $4.47

To find this look in your home, consider changing out the knobs on a kid’s dresser. Who knows? You could be inspiring another phenom.

Jute Interior Design

Hey, I think one of these is the last racquet I owned! These vintage racquets are a terrific addition to the wooden accent wall.

Tip: If you’re interested in locating vintage racquets for your home, you will find scads of them on Etsy starting at around $8.

Wallpaper Collective

This glowing racquet and ball background is completely aces.

Wallpaper Collective

Tennis Natural & Electric Green – $118

Here’s a closer look at the background print. The preppy color palette pops, but the small scale of the objects in the print keeps it from making a room too theme-y. Getting up close and finding that racquets and balls shape the pattern is part of the fun.

Concrete Outdoor Table Tennis Platform

Table tennis has never been hotter; it is taken over purple felted pool tables and Lucky Strikes lanes since the most popular nightclub sport. Susan Sarandon is invested in a Ping Pong club, the most Entourage men dedicated an entire episode to it last season (“Drama vs. Stamos”), and Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler have a fabulous table in the center of their apartment. If you tend not to use your dining room, why don’t you go to it and replace the dining table place with a ping pong table?

Rough Linen

I know, I know, they’re in reality badminton racquets, but this wall is a fantastic lesson in how to compose things on a wall in an artful way, and vintage tennis racquets would surely work in their own place.


Grassy Lawn Charging Station – $24.99

Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam championship played on grass courts. Why don’t you add a tiny grass for a tribute while cleaning up those unsightly charging cords?

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