The best way to Attach Blinds to Brick Veneer

Brick inside partitions are both traditional and fashionable, covering a broad array of architectural and decorating designs. In several homes, the look of brick is achieved with brick veneer, which can be thinner than bricks that were total. Brick veneer can protect wood- block partitions, each of which introduce a little difficulty to installing window window treatments. The mounting brackets that came against the blinds to install them on brick veneer can be used by you, but you’ll need another type of fastener.

Wood Frame Walls

Choose bolts having a shank which is narrow enough to fit through the hole openings in the brackets that are blind. They’re hollow within, in case your partitions are wood-framed. Bolts perform properly with wood-framed partitions.

Where you want to set it up, place one of the blind brackets from the brick veneer wall next to the the window. Mark the screw hole areas through the brackets and onto the brick using a dark-coloured marker. Repeat to mark the bracket that is other level on the contrary side of the window with the first.

Select a masonry drill bit that’s the same diameter as a bolt shank. Fasten the bit into a hammer- or influence-motion strength drill.

Activate the influence or hammer motion environment on the strength drill. This setting causes instead of constantly turning in the same pace, making drilling through masonry effective, the drill-bit rotate in fast pulses. Drill straight-through the wall at every screw location mark as well as the brick which you made on the brick.

Replace the drillbit in the power drill using a Phillips-head screwdriver bit and disengage the influence or hammer motion of the power drill.

Select the amount of bolts you will need to mount the brackets. Twist the springloaded wings to eliminate them.

Slip a bolt through all the screw-holes in one bracket. Although the wings straight back onto the ends of the bolts, but abandon the wings near to the ends of the bolts.

Align the bracket. Squeeze the wings on one toggle bolt flattening them, and slip the end-of the wings that are compressed and also the bolt through the hole that is suitable. Insert all the bolts then support the the bracket in position contrary to the wall.

Tighten each toggle bolt together with the power drill as well as a Phillip’s head screw-driver bit until the bolts sense snug. The wings on a bolt immediately return with their position after the bolt and toggle are pushed through the hole that is drilled. The wings comfortable contrary to the back-side of the wall are pulled by tightening the bolt.

Install the other bracket with toggles or concrete screws, then hang the blinds in the brackets in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Concrete or Block Partitions

Complete actions 1 to 5 as you’d for wood-framed partitions, except choose concrete screws that match through the mounting bracket screw openings and use a masonry drillbit which is slightly smaller compared to shank of the concrete screws. For fastening screws that are concrete, you’ll need to keep the energy drill established on influence or hammer motion after drilling the holes as an alternative to disengaging it.

Place a bracket contrary to the wall and align the holes. Set one screw in one screw hole opening and contain the screw and the bracket set up.

Fasten the screw before the bracket and to the suitable pilot hole together with the power drill through the bracket matches comfortable contrary to the wall. Insert the the remaining of the screws for that bracket, install the bracket that is other as the manufacturer suggests, and hang the blinds.

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