The best way to Build a Recessed Book-Case on a Corridor Wall

A bookcase on a corridor wall gives something of a problem as a Do-It-Yourself task. 3 ½ inches perhaps not enough for even the the tiniest common trade paperbacks, at 5 ½ inches broad are only measured by standard wall recesses. While you frame it using crown molding and can create a book-case that bumps from the wall, your best guess is function on a hallway wall that’s a storage closet or under- location to provide you with the depth you require. Another option, in the event that you’ve it, is to install the book-case in a -studded wall, which which provides you 7″ of depth to work with. If neither of those options is available, it is possible to construct your book-case in a wall that is typical; change coffeetable books face-out to easily fit in the 3 ½-inch recess. It is also ideal for family photographs and knick-knacks.

Locate using an electronic stud finder the edges of the studs on the location of hall way specified for the book-case. Mark the stud edges using a pencil that is normal. Mark a-3-inch square on the dry wall between the studs to produce a peep-hole. Score the dry wall using a straightedge along with a utility knife. Drill holes in two diagonal corners of the square and cut out the drywall using a drywall saw, at a somewhat outward angle therefore the dry wall doesn’t drop in the wall.

Inspect the bay involving the studs for electrical cables, ducts, drains or water-supply pipes that need to be prevented. Measure the depth of the bay to verify that you just have at least 5 ½ inches in the event that you if you prefer a a book-case that doesn’t need crown molding to complete it.

Return to measure and your edge marks . Check in the event that you’ve the regular 141/2inch width between a various width, or studs oncenter. Mark horizontal lines on the wall having a 4-8-inch spirit le Vel to designate bottom and the leading of the book-case, based on many shelves of books you program to shop in the book case and what looks visually satisfying. Mark vertical lines within the edges. Score, observed the dry wall opening for the book-case as you did the peep-hole and drill holes.

Cut ½-inch plywood on a tablesaw or 1-by-6 lumber on a observed to make best, the sides and bottom of the book-case. Mark measure and reduce shelves between the sides to to match. Drill ¼- in two lengthy columns near each fringe of of along side it items; these will acknowledge the shelf supports.

Screw and clamp the butt joints where the sides, bottom and best of the book-case fulfill. Allow the joints that are glued to dry over-night. Measure, reduce an item of lauan to serve as a backing for the book-case and mark. Nail the backing in spot with brads.

Test-match the book-case to the wall, examining to see in the event that you if you wish to to trim sand or dry wall stud imperfections. Once the check match works, screw to the studs through along side it of the book-case. Cut molding to trim the encounter of the book-case, meeting a T every corner at a miter cut or possibly attractive rosettes. Nail the molding to the studs. Stain molding, shelves and the book case. Press shelf lay the shelves in spot and supports in the holes.

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