The best way to Cut Drywall Lengthwise

Drywall consists of a sheet of gypsum sandwiched between two paper backings. Cutting dry wall does not generally need cutting through all three levels — without having to to show over the sheet and cut through it if you rating the core and cut-through one paper encounter, you can generally snap the encounter along the line. You never hang a dry wall square from the top of the sheet to mark the line unlike reducing the sheet to reduce length-wise; rather you already have.

Put on a dust mask. Set a tape measure that is locking you require the dry wall to be. Rest the conclusion of the tape measure where it satisfies the situation from the very best corner of the dry wall, the hook sits in the level where you program to create your cut as well as therefore the tape extends down the dry wall.

Hold the tape measure in spot lightly along with your non-dominant hand. From the hook of the tape measure, maintain a sharp utility knife along with your hand. Press the level of the knife to the drywall therefore the paper is punctured by it.

Move your hands hands gradually over the little bit of dry wall, utilizing the hook as a manual for the utility knife. Cut through the paper and rating the gypsum core most of the way on the other side of the sheet. Whenever it starts to boring, change the knife-blade.

Lift the sheet several inches toward you. By bending the brief part backward snap the gypsum core.

Insert the knife to the center of the cut. Slice through about 1 foot of the paper. Snap the part that is brief forcefully toward one to rip the paper along the cut and split up the two parts of of dry wall.

Use a rasp or sanding block to smooth the edges.