The best way to Paint a Glass Interior Door

Painting a glass inside door can update or alter the appearance of your home with no cost of installing a new door. It’s possible for you to achieve many different looks depending on the kind of glass paint you use, from flat or shiny and clear to opaque. Regardless of which seem you are heading for, you will need to prep the glass door to guarantee a smooth end that sticks to the area. Together with planning and the proper tools, it is possible to paint your glass door just like a pro.

Dampen a cloth and wipe the glass door completely to clear it and eliminate any residue.

Apply primer to the glass using a normal-haired paint brush to get an end that is sleek. Use the primer in a a a skinny coat, and permit it to dry.

Pour paint into a paint tray. It’s possible for you to use organic, artificial or a roller-brush -haired paint-brush or sponges depending on the effect that is required. Dip sponge, a paint brush or roller to the paint and use it to the glass door utilizing easy strokes. Start in work and the middle outward. Paint trim the edges or particulars using a little paint brush. Use the paint in thin levels, and permit it to dry between coats.