The best way to Put In a Ceiling-Mounted Curtain Rod

A ceiling-mounted curtain aids give the delusion of getting a ceiling to a room. There’s absolutely no reason you can not set it up in the ceiling over the window while the wall over the window opening is the conventional place to get a curtain rod. Ceiling joists right on the window may give you the support you must set up curtain rods securely should you be not able to find studs effective at carrying the weight of large drapes.

Assess the breadth of the drapes between the last and initial pleat. The initial pleat of the drape as well as the space between the side border is. When they have been shut to find out the minimal span curtain rod you should get add 5″ for overlap in the middle of the curtains.

Mark the precise location of the curtain rod mounts onto the ceiling. 1/16 -inch pilot holes into the ceiling at the places you marked. Shove them to the pilot holes, in the event that you are utilizing drywall anchors. You don’t want anchors in the event that you drilled into ceiling joists.

Attach to the ceiling with screws in the curtain rod’s assembly package.

Count exactly how many pleats have been in each aspect of the curtains. Subtract four from each side

Pull on the rod aside. Utilizing the count you discovered in Step 4, eliminate any slides which you don’t need to make use of in the pole. Slide the stick back again.

Ease the curtain rod to the mount. Tighten the screws that hold the stick in place using a screwdriver. Some sticks use thumbscrews to secure the poles, although some use locking or clips cams.

Open and shut the rod to make certain it’s functioning smoothly. Pull the surplus cording to possibly the left or correct facet of the stick as you favor. Slide the cording round the the stress pulley.

Mark where you would like to set up the the stress pulley on window-sill the wall or flooring. Drill pilot holes for the mount and fasten it in the assembly with screws package.

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