The best way to Remove a Stove Ventilation Fan

Ventilation fans are installed in rangehoods positioned immediately over the stove on the wall. The near proximity of the variety hood guarantees that particles of smoke, grease and odors are eliminated in the air to keep your kitchen clear and safe. Ventilation lover elimination is usually completed when the enthusiast wants to be cleaned or when it’s likely to be replaced using a more upto-day product.

Turn the energy off to the kitchen in the primary circuit breaker.

Test to make sure the strength has gone out having a neon tester. Touch one lead of the tester into a screw on a power outlet in the kitchen and contact the other lead to the bigger slot on the outlet. The energy is off in the event the neon tester doesn’t light.

Remove the steel grease filters in the range hood. The filters might slide-out or be held in place. Depress filters. For filters without clips, drive the filter directly and slide up to it to one side to create a space for the fingers to to match. Reach up to the the room and pull down the filter finish and tilt it from the hood.

The fan blades using a finger cautiously to to find the wires of the ventilation fan. The wires could be attached on the range hood, wire nuts that direct a rectangular wire connector, to the final screws or they could be attached to to a power cord plugged into a power outlet close to the stove or on the stove itself.

Unplug the fan cord if it’s a rectangular wire connector or if it’s directly connected to an outlet. For wires linked to wire nuts, unscrew the wire nuts to eliminate the wires. Having a flat blade screw-driver, loosen the final screws for wires connected to final screws and unhook the wires to take them off.

Remove the screws on the lover motor housing and defend. Pull the shield from the array hood.

Remove blades in the range hood or the enthusiast motor housing with connected lover wheel by pulling it off. In the event the enthusiast housing is held in location with latches, drive up the latches and eliminate the lover motor housing.