Water Table

A water table is an architectural component at the base of a building; its objective is to direct water away from the building’s base. A water table is generally curved or has a similar shape that empowers it to guide water off.

A water table is also a prominent design element that may visually lift a construction in addition to provide a place for craftspeople to exhibit their skills.

Bud Dietrich, AIA

The Prairie school architects, most notably Frank Lloyd Wright, used water tables as important design components. Tall and dramatically shaped, the water table shown here not only sheds water but is an important horizontal band that reinforces the overall architectural design.

Scott Daves Construction Co., Inc

A water table can be constructed of the exact same material as the wall. The different-shaped bricks shown here create a base and route for water.

Bud Dietrich, AIA

A water table is also a characteristic of timber building and wood-sided houses. The water table for those is a tall trim component that is capped with a drip edge or some thing else that directs water away from your base.

Bud Dietrich, AIA

As in masonry construction, a water table may be solid design component with hardwood siding, providing a visual base.

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