Weirdly Wonderful Planters Give Stuffy Design the Boot

Freshman gardeners sometimes think they need to do everything “properly” — like buying new tools that are innovative, soil and planters. The key that veteran gardeners understand is that creative gardening could be done with just a little humor, a little cash and any sort of container you have lying around the home.

Luckily for us, inspiration abounds. Join me as we observe container garden creations that may be had for pennies.

Amy Renea

Some plants will grow nearly everywhere. Succulents are probably the best of them. They don’t need a large amount of water or root room and require maintenance, grow slowly. They are perfect for weird containers — that is the reason why you can grow them in a boot.

Amy Renea

Succulents don’t mind hanging out from cement blocks either. Why not go guerilla and spice up a construction site? In your home, you should stick to placing in your cement blocks on second thought.

Amy Renea

You might think these succulents are hanging out in a conventional bowl planter …

Amy Renea

… but they have taken up home in an old fountain in Barb Krasusk’s Pennsylvania garden.

Amy Renea

Krasusk might be the queen of bizarre containers, filling teacups to tea kettles and all in between with succulents, draping plants and other farmers that are hardy.

Amy Renea

Here, succulents and Krasusk moss for an enjoyable take on a lion’s mind.

Amy Renea

Next door to the Krasusks, a washing machine that was vintage stuffed with spinach.

Some vegetables and herbs are surprisingly easy to grow in small and weird containers. Any type of leafy green, such as loose-leaf lettuces, basil and others will grow well in small pockets of soil.

Some herbs grown in desert ponds could be planted in containers that were nontraditional also. These herbs, along with the tough-as-nails succulent family, grow with very little water, so be certain that you have ample drainage. Drill a hole in the bottom of the container or use your container as an outer covering for a plastic bag pot.

Tough, unthirsty herbs and succulents are perfectly suited to grow out of just about anything — including older, broken-down venture sculptures.

Industrial pump housings for planters? Why not?

Generate Design

Haisui Planter by Nobuhiro Sato – $45

If you can’t find anything in your garden or the junkyard to use as a planter, consider browsing for some lively premade planters, like this quirky container in the shape of a drain.

From head sculptures to cement blocks, what’s fair game for a creative gardener. If it may hold the smallest quantity of soil, it may hold a plant. I’ve got my eyes on some outdated pool filters. They might create the ideal industrial chic planter for the backyard.

What will you plant now? Could you outquirk me? Share your photographs of quirky and bizarre planting containers below!

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