What Colour Curtains Go With a Dark Denim Blue Couch?

The dark blue denim sofa is the focal point of this casual living room or den. It’s as cozy and no-fuss as a set of jeans, but the space decor is a bit more upscale than a hang-out so that you need to set a theme with the drapes. Beach home or townhouse, what you mix and match that big swatch of denim establishes the look. Don’t settle for obvious nautical red or unimaginative family-room red-and-blue plaid.

Classy Contrast

Blue’s shade complement is orange. Vivid orange and deep blue are a pretty stimulating combination, so go lighter for complementary drapes that create a lively harmony in the room. Peach or apricot raw silk drapes against powder blue walls counter the dark sofa and its serviceable fabric, giving the room a more flexible personality. Add vibrant raw silk cushions in hot colors and a faded oriental carpet in peaches and blues for a dressier living room. Cover the ground in a dhurrie rug with colors pulled from the sofa and the drapes for a not-entirely-casual family room.

Lime With a Hint of Grape

Light lime-green drapes and a dusky purple overdyed carpet are trendy, contemporary and fairly fabulous with a dark blue denim sofa. The colors are gem-like: peridot, deep sapphire and amethyst. They co-exist in consummate balance, an unexpected trio which operates with dark or light wood furniture and flooring, modern or Mid-Century Modern artwork, an expansive open-plan space or period architecture. Keep this room rather spare so the focus remains on the interplay of their analogous colors, and pay close attention to the lighting to avoid lights which give off an unflattering yellowish glare.

Organic Choices

The dark blue denim sofa is the deep blue of the ocean. Pair nature with character when choosing curtain colors. Wheat or wax linen drapes are mild but not beachy against the denim. Tobacco or bark brown woven drapes aren’t too hefty over wood-slat blinds in Western decor or a more masculine retreat. The light green of fresh willow curtains underscores a cool palette without being gloomy. If the upholstery on a chair in the room or the dominant pattern in a place rug matches the drapes, the decor will likely seem planned, not arbitrary. Add a big blue glass demijohn to hold wheat stalks, dried grasses or peacock feathers, and your delicate nature maintain is complete.

Pineapple, Marigold, Lemonade

1 sofa in the living room is smartly upholstered in dark blue denim. The matching sofa and love seat are unbleached linen or lemonade cotton. A sunny pat of butter along with a citrus peel ends off this room and adds some zing into it. Lemon and cream vertical stripes on taffeta drapes beam by daylight or lamplight. Pile perfect Meyer lemons within an onyx bowl on the coffee table to mirror the window treatment. Serious, veering-toward-orange, marigold velvet drapes that pool on the hardwood flooring give that denim sofa a richer look, almost the texture of velvet. Curtains in cheerful pineapple-yellow paisley on an off-white background provide a nod to the unbleached linen upholstery and the pineapple and antique-white ikat throw cushions on the denim sofa.

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