Zis home: warm and contemporary

Let your fantasies come true

When Hagai and Rona Zis began planning their dream home in Herzliya, a town situated 20 minutes north of Tel Aviv, that they had a clear concept for his or her architect: keep it easy.

Hagai and Rona are in their mid 30s and have three kids: Noa (7) Tamar (5) and Yotam (2). They moved to their new 3000 sq ft residence in September 2007 after 2.5 years of organizing and constructing their house.

“We needed a modern house. We both had a vision of traditional layout and clear lines. ” and yet warm although modern says Hagai, sitting inside their lovely veranda surrounded by Mediterranean trees and blossoms.

The few understood that creating from scratch would demand lots of energy and attempts, however they both were decided to construct the house of the dreams, a home which is ideal for his or her young family and can serve them for a long time in the future.

The architect, Meir Man, understood the family for quite a while so that it had been only natural for their sake to first consider working with him. “ We truly enjoyed his thoughts and satisfied with Meir. We enjoyed the fact that he genuinely wished to help us make our dream home come true” states Rona and that he was quite receptive to our thoughts.

Interior and exterior connection

When you go into the Zis’s home, you can’t skip the the spectacular garden which can be viewed from every corner of your home, through the large windows.

“The indoor-outdoor relationship proved to be a crucial point for us. Hours are spent by our household in the patio and backyard. We needed to truly have a practical house using an all-natural flow involving the exterior as well as the interior. When we’re in your house we needed to see plenty of green. We’re also rather fortunate that trees surround our lot. We decided a clear fence that assists deliver the environment into our backyard but in once keeps our secrecy”.

The outcome is definitely wonderful. The home h-AS seamless eyesight between outside and interior. The landscape architect Barak was really mixed up in layout. He did an excellent job of developing a robust link between out and in and deteriorating the borders. We fully trusted him and we adore the result”.

Contemporary but warm

“We needed a modern house that’ll be glowing and also have straightforward and clear lines. In once it absolutely was significant for people to produce a feeling that is warm in the home. I do believe that we achieved Hagai is said by both”.

The warm feeling is made through the use of wild African wood for many components- the entry door, the work island and also the staircases. Also adding to to the sense that is warm is using cupboards and reddish colour for a number of pieces of furniture.

“We actually needed a home that would feel comfortable to reside in together with the children- perhaps not a museum or an architect dream, however a joyful and enjoyable place for a great many household members. Our home is like that- it’s best for us.”

We couldn’t make it without them

The Architect, Meir Man was really creative, arrived up with great ideas but was also open and delicate to our visions and thoughts.

The Landscape Architect, Barak: is a topnotch specialist. We gave lots of liberty in the landscape layout to him and a modest paradise was produced by him for us.

The Building Manager, Erez Gabay ensured the work was done together with the highest quality while incorporating his own thoughts on the way. We couldn’t do it.

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The parlor “modern and yet warm”

Front lawn (Magnesium chloride snow melt Boston Lake City, UT) “we wished to see lots of green”

Front entrance “crazy african wood recurs in a number of components”

Family area “the crimson helps to develop a warm ambiance”

See from your kitchen to the parlor: large windows and clear lines.

Backyard “clear fence which helps bring the environment to the backyard but in exactly the same time keeps the solitude”

Dining room “relationship between out and in”