25 Most Bookmarked Remodeling Guides of 2012

Remodeling hasn’t been simple (just ask people who have lived through it), but preparing yourself as much as possible may help. readers wanted to find out about everything in 2012: from shower drains and searching for substances to Japanese wood remedies and much more than you’d ever think you could know about interior trimming. These high 25 bookmarked remodeling stories on cover it all — have a look and see whether you’re able to find some insight to your remodel.

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1. Homeowner’s Workbook: How to Remodel Your Kitchen

It’s easy to know when you need (or want) to remodel your kitchen. The hard part is figuring out where to get started. readers bookmarked this straightforward guide to some kitchen remodel, which steers through the process, such as inspiration, preparation and hiring an expert.

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2. How to Select the Best Drain for Your Shower

Who would have thought choosing a shower could be so complicated? This ideabook assists ers figure out what drain would work best for their family, house and shower requirements.

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3. 10 Best Tips for Obtaining Bathroom Tile Right

Composed for experts and beginners alike, these tips encourage preparation beforehand and taking precautions to avoid mistakes. For homeowners not planning on doing their toilet tiling themselves, this ideabook helped them communicate with a specialist.

4. How to Size Interior Trim for a Finished Appearance

Trim is frequently subtle, unless it’s done wrong. For ers who love traditional, modern or contemporary appearances, these guidelines offer you trim recommendations and solutions for all home styles.

5. Contractor Tips: Top 10 Home Remodeling Dont’s

The to-do listing on a home remodel may seem endless! However, what not to do ends up being just as important. The first in our “Contractor’s 100” series gives homeowners specialist tips on how to sail smoothly through a remodel.

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6. Interior Trim: 8 Must-Know Elements

To the unfamiliar eye, trimming all seems about the same. However, this guide reveals differently. Baseboards, chair rails, crown molding and window casings all get their shining moment in this ideabook.

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7. 15 Ways to Design an Easy-Clean Home

for all those of us who invest an inhumane quantity of time cleaning our houses, this manual came as a welcome surprise. ers couldn’t wait to find out about how to design with concrete, central vacuum systems, moveable furniture and other easy-clean notions in your mind.

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8. Build a Beautiful Platform Deck in a Weekend

This DIY breaks down building a simple deck for those ers who don’t know where to start. Step-by-step instructions and smart tips (like making sure that the best sides of your boards face up) created this worth bookmarking.

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9. Top 10 Tips to Choosing Shower Tile

Shower tile comes in as many variations as there are shower designs. Even if your budget and overall look are set, you might still wind up overwhelmed. This shower tile manual takes shape, style, feel and cleaning needs into consideration, making the choice easier.

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10. Contractor Tips: Countertop Installation from Start to End

When it comes to countertops, choosing the material you need is just the beginning. This checklist helps make sure that everything goes smoothly, advising on matters like putting in the sink, accounting for overhangs and choosing the perfect counter height.

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11. Contractor Tips: Wise Advice to Laundry Room Design

whilst laundry rooms used to be viewed just in basements, they’re currently found on just about any floor of new homes — which means they need to look better and be much more efficient. This story covers all of the basics, including adding storage, making sure that your doors swing in the right direction and soundproofing the space.

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12. How to Choose and Use Ecofriendly Kitchen Cabinets

Gone are the days when consumers scratched their heads at energy labels on appliances — today’s homeowners ‘ are savvy and need the most bang for their buck from the long run and short term. Choosing ecofriendly appliances — particularly from the kitchen — can help, which explains why so many readers spared this ideabook.

13. Contractor Tips: How to Shop for Your Remodel

Prices for materials end up accounting for nearly half of a remodel budget, so it’s not surprising that homeowners attempt to cut down in this region where they can. During this second installment of the “Contractor’s 100” series, ers find out about where they need to and should not attempt to save money on materials.

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14. How to Pick Tile for a Steam Shower

Steam may feel soothing in your own skin, but it’s much more dangerous and dangerous to your shower than water. This makes choosing materials extra difficult. Tile size, material and layout for a steam showere are discussed in this thorough ideabook.

15. ‘Shou-Sugi-Ban’ Is Setting the Siding World on Fire

Translated as “the burning of Japanese cypress” (sugi), shou-sugi-ban is a process which chars the surface of outside wood, creating a dark material that is actually extremely durable and maintenance free. This unique method is currently making headway in areas of the world outside Japan — which made it worth noting to readers.

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16. 3 Steps to Choosing Kitchen Finishes Wisely

discussion boards are full of subscribers asking about the best way to organize their kitchen finishes. These tips — gathered from three kitchen professionals — assist homeowners figure out what they need to prioritize and how to make everything work together.

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17. How to Settle on a Shower Bench

Constructed in or freestanding, you want a shower bench that is comfy, durable and safe. Picking the proper material — or the right model — is now easier, thanks to the ideabook.

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18. How to See a Floor Plan

Ever looked at an architect’s or contractor’s desk and seen nothing but a lot of mumbo jumbo? This guide to reading floor plans could assist you with your next remodel and make communicating with your professionals move more smoothly.

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19. Pro Finishing Secret: Aniline Dye for Wood

This expert idea for fixing old wood furniture has been just another of subscribers’ favorite remodeling ideabooks from 2012. Instead of utilizing a blot, which treats only the surface, so lots of professionals recommend using aniline dye, which divides into the wood to create a coating of colour.

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20. 10 Tips for Renovating Your Basement

Though they frequently end up as extra storage area, basements provide homeowners possibly valuable square footage — even if they’re used properly. These 10 professional tips inspired ers to get the ball rolling on a brand new, useful basement area.

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21. Doorless Showers Open a World of Possibilities

With doorless showers becoming more and more popular in bathrooms worldwide, this ideabook turned into a valuable addition to the remodeler’s arsenal. Valuable tips for restricting spillage and splashes and the way these showers are universal layout friendly felt particularly relevant for readers.

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22. Locate the Right Oven Arrangement for Your Kitchen

Now’s oven structures go far beyond the Standard stovetop-above, oven-below combination. This ideabook helps make sense of the myriad combinations of wall ovens, warming drawers, double ovens and much more.


23. Get What You Need From the House You Have

Occasionally a full remodel just is not in the cards, however badly you need or want it. readers appreciated how this ideabook encouraged them to make the most of their home with a few straightforward and much more economical alterations.

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24. A Gloomy Basement Lightens Up

This inspiring basement before and after photographs presented ers with tips on how to turn a dark and damp basement to a pristine living area. While the structural work on this area was intense, a simple palette and also an emphasis on solid materials resulted in a tidy and durable design.

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25. Contractor Tips: End Your Basement the Right Way

readers obviously desired to read about basements this year! This ideabook talks about all the basics and much more from the contractor’s standpoint. ers appreciated all of the tips, like talking to an insurance broker and taking important steps to prevent flood damage.

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