Can I Hang a Wind Chime Behind a Door With Feng Shui?

Both wind chimes and doors are significant features in feng shui, the art of creating a harmonious living environment. Feng shui intends to optimize the flow of the life-force energy known as chi through the home. Doors are considered the mouth of the chi since it’s via doors chi enters to nourish the room. Wind chimes attract, moderate and direct chi flow. Putting doors and wind chimes with them, however, can nullify their effectiveness.

Nothing Near the Door

The most significant feng-shui guideline for doors — whether interior or outside — is that the door needs to have the ability to open fully without interference. Whatever a door, whether it’s a shelf, a coat rack or a wind chime, which limits the door’s full opening can restrict the flow of chi through the door. For this reason, it’s not recommended to hang a wind chime behind a door.

Exception to the Rule

There’s a feng-shui usage for a little wind chime hung in the door knob inside the door, provided it does not block the door. In addition to announcing when someone enters and leaves the room, the ringing chimes invite Branches to the room whenever the doors opens. Any little bell may be used for this purpose provided that the noise is pleasant and not distracting.

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