Warmth Infuses a Greenwich Village Home

Walking right into Dora Jonassen’s apartment was just like stepping into a time machine. The 800-square-foot area is nestled onto the top floor of a landmark 1910 building in New York’s Greenwich Village. Jonassen, an accomplished food stylist in Denmark, had been residing in the flat for more than a decade and hadn’t made one change to the distance. Like so many Scandinavians, Jonassen had a great eye for layout. However, just like so many creative people, her life was become somewhat cluttered. Peeling wallpaper, cluttered living spaces and appliances took away from the potential charm of the home.

Jessica Shaw of moment layout + productions worked closely together with Jonassen to hone down, declutter and upgrade the distance, taking full advantage of her beautiful collected furniture and the flat’s southern vulnerability to create a warm and comfy inside.

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Who lives here: Dora Jonassen
Size: 800 square feet; 1 bedroom, 1 bath
Location: New York City

Moment layout + productions

When Shaw first began working on the renovation, she found art, accessories and tchotchkes piled along the walls, and “the first wallpaper in the foyer and toilet was literally peeling off,” she says.

The home was stripped down into a very simple structure with hot white walls along with the wood floors. Shaw wanted to keep Jonassen’s beautiful pieces on screen, but she wanted them to feel curated rather than cluttered. Custom shelving and also a contemporary wall unit from Future Perfect supply the ideal display case.

Moment layout + productions, llc

Jonassen’s pieces provided the original frame for the layout, but Shaw brought in a sense of modernity through paint colors, finishes and new furniture. “The eclectic mix provided a creative starting point and made this a job that was evenly about editing as it had been all about adding,” says Shaw.

Moment layout + productions, llc

A professional-grade kitchen was among Jonassen’s must-haves, thus a custom Viking Range (in a gorgeous sage green) plus a Sub-Zero refrigerator (clad in bamboo panels for cohesiveness) were set up. Inexpensive lighting and fixtures helped balance out the budget.

Backsplash: Glacier Tile, Stone Source; countertops: limestone, Artistic Tile; pendant lighting: Ikea; faucet: Luna, KWC; dishwasher: Bosch

Moment layout + productions, llc

“I like to say that we ended up using a huge kitchen in a little area — it just feels comfortable,” Jonassen says about her new favourite room.

Moment layout + productions, llc

A mix of new and old things creates a comfortable and warm texture in the living space. A classic dining room table along with a mishmash of seats are the result of decades of collecting. “The living area has the most wonderful shine and so many ‘Dora’ items around to look in and love,” says Shaw. “This room reflects her character in a superb way.”

Chair: ABC Carpet & Home; java table: Cast, Philadelphia

Moment layout + productions, llc

“Jessica managed to help me let go of items and objects, and softly suggested what could stay,” says Jonassen. “She’s an wonderful sense of colour and distance, so what we ended up with was an apartment that feels really serene and quite much enjoy a home where one wants to spend some time”

Moment layout + productions, llc

The colour palette for your home evolved over the span of this job. Shaw was operating with a mostly existing collection of folk art furniture and midcentury bits, so that she carefully chose materials and squares to mix with what was already in the home.

Moment layout + productions, llc

The top shelf inside this screen on the much living room wall was custom made by the contractor, R. Frost Design Build, to fit with the kitchen shelves. Cheap paper planters installed in the hallways create a gentle, ambient evening light.

Moment layout + productions, llc

Jonassen’s bedroom furniture is exclusively folk art classic finds, including the gorgeous quilt. Bare white walls make the most of this natural light and also highlight the furniture’s elegant lines.

Moment layout + productions, llc

A home office program, which was custom made by Shaw, runs across the length of the bedroom wall. Extra storage was incorporated below the desk.

Since there’s no instant bedroom, Jonassen decided to get a workspace within her bedroom rather than in the primary living area.

Desk: custom; built-in shelving: custom by R. Frost Design Build

Moment layout + productions, llc

A very simple bathroom renovation remains in line with the home’s new clean and classic lines.

“Since she had lived here for a significant amount of time, her lifestyle and her home style were a reflection of this neighborhood,” says Shaw. “She loved the neighborhood 15 decades ago when she purchased the flat, and she enjoys it now.”

Floors: Darling Grey, Nemo; sink: Bates & Bates; countertop: limestone; dressing table: Waterworks; backsplash: Crackle White, Nemo

Photography by Costas Picadas

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