15 Ideas for Your Baby’s Nursery

Have a baby on the way? First of all, congratulations! Second, have you begun thinking nursery? Renting a nursery is a fun and exciting way to get ready for baby, also it gives you the green light to re-do a space that right now may be full of fishing gear and video games. As you begin to get your ideas together on furnishings and design direction, here are 15 ideas for welcoming your baby home in comfort and fashion.

Kids Rooms: I’m a Big Boy Now

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Wallpaper up into the chair rail. Give the baby’s room dimension and feel by adding wallpaper up into the picture rail. For a fresh texture, utilize two unique wallpapers that match each other in scale. Do not have a chair rail in the room? Adding one is a fairly easy project that you could do yourself using a few simple tools.

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Locate a very, very comfy chair. Let’s be honest: You will be spending a great deal of time in this chair. Hunt around for a chair that is both comfy for you as well as a trendy match to your nursery’s d├ęcor. Test them out before purchasing: you want it to adapt properly to your body for optimum comfort. Get the appearance of this nursery.

Utilize a chest of drawers because of a changing table. Produce a unique changing space by simply adding a changing pad to the peak of a traditional dresser. You will spend less in the long term; this bit will evolve along with your kid’s decoration as he grows older.

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Consider a vintage appearance. For an eclectic flair into the nursery, locate a crib that reflects a vintage style. This doesn’t mean hunting flea markets to get an actual antique. Federal safety guidelines for toddlers did not go into effect till 1973, so be sure to look for a newly constructed crib with a vintage appearance rather.

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Paint the walls dim. To make a cozy, warm atmosphere for your baby, paint the walls a dark shade. This look works best in rooms with decent sunlight; it might feel slightly stuffy differently.

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Accessorize with whimsical artwork. The nursery is an area where you can have a little fun. Keep it light-hearted with lively artwork and knickknacks.


Add built-in shelving. Consider yourself blessed if the baby room already comes with built-in shelving; differently, you might want to consider adding it. Babies have a great deal of gear: built-in shelving will help you keep it organized.

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Utilize nooks and odd spaces such as storage. Do not have space for a built-in? Look around the nursery and determine where you can sneak in storage, like adding baskets into a shelf over the window and installing shelving on the wall.

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Consider a mini wardrobe. First of all, this item is adorable. But from a functional standpoint, it’s still another place for storage, especially if the closet is little or already packed.

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Mirror the closet door. Smaller rooms at the home often become nurseries; adding mirrors into the space will allow it to feel bigger. In case the closet doesn’t work, hang one elsewhere on the wall. Plus, it’s so cute to see babies react to their own reflection.

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Add a vibrant colour. Introduce your baby to a universe of exciting colour by painting a piece of furniture a bold shade. The vibrant twist will give the space a focus.

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Consider a round crib. An oval crib tends to take up less space than a classic rectangular one, so if the toddlers is tight, then this could be a great space saver.

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Consider placing the crib at the Middle of this space. Stumped in your nursery’s layout? Perhaps the crib will function best in the event that you center it at the room. Just be sure there is ample room to move around the crib so the space doesn’t feel cramped.

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Look for a picture, colorful rug. Yes, this rug is fun, playful and a fantastic complement for this feminine space. However, the actual reason you’re going to want to locate a patterned rug is to easily conceal the inevitable stains. It is no secret: Babies are messy!

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Consider adding a couch. You’ll probably end up spending some overnights with baby in the nursery. You may as well be comfy!

Kids Rooms: I’m a Big Boy Now
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