40 Great Gifts for Gardeners

We’ve been hunting high and low for the best gifts for gardeners. We’ve looked for conventional, for contemporary. For eco-friendly, for animal friendly. For stark white and incredibly vivid, and every color in between. Some of them finds will help gardeners kill time before the spring thaw, some will have them intending for planting season, and others are just things that individuals who love plants will like to have about. The gifts range from severe heirloom seeds into wacky upside-down planters.

We would love your great gift finds, also. Insert a link to your best idea for the ideal gift for gardeners from the remarks section and tell us why you enjoy it.


The Circle Pot by Potted in Designer Pots – $89

Houzz friend and author of the plan website chictip, Keren says”This is such a stylish hanging pot!” We couldn’t agree more — you can hang it inside or out, or remove the cable for tabletop use.

12″ diameter and comes with an 18″ detachable Stainless Steel Cord
Designed to fit most 4″ nursery containers for use as a cache pot.



These Sky Planters would be the opposite of scraggly Seventies spiderplants and macrame; they include contemporary pizzazz and are a big conversation starter.

A locking disk and item of mesh hold the plant and soil in place.
They only need to be watered twice a month.

Little: 5.5″ H x 4.1″ dia; 1.4 lbs.
Large: 7.5″ H x 6.5″ dia; 3.3 lbs.
Small: $35
Large: $75

The New York Botanical Garden Shop

Dramm Garden Hoses in Bright Colors – $69.99

You may think these hoses are a bit frou-frou due to the fantastic rainbow of colours they come in, but these are heavy-duty, professional grade Dramm hoses. Great for gardeners who prefer to put in just a little bit of quirkiness for their grounds.

Nickel-plated brass couplings are crush proof.
Hot water resistant up to 160˚F. 50′ long, 5/8″ diameter
Produced in America


Artichoke on Stand – $25.50

These timeless artichoke finials will include some glow to a mantle, bookshelf, tablescape or garden. They are perfect for anyone who appreciates traditional home layout. And Artichokes.

Produced from a 19th century finial
Dimensions: 7″dia. x 10.5″h, Base: 4.5″sq..

MoMA Store

MoMA Store – SunJar – $55

This frosted mason jar preserves sunlight, which induces its LED lights to maintain matters illuminated at nighttime. It makes a fantastic candle or flashlight choice outside, and it is watertight, so it is no big deal if you leave it outdoors morning, noon, and night.

Produced by Tobias Wong
Size: 6.25h x 4w x 4″d


Wallter Outdoor Planters – $72

Houzz Contributor Lily Gahagan advises”Assist your favourite green thumb get the most out of a little garden by gifting them some of those planters. They attach on a wall or fence for extra planting space, and look adorable as could be to boot”

Powder coated spun aluminum
Bowl dimensions: 5″X 9″ Available in 3 styles: WALL $72 (bowl: 5″ X 9″ X 3/4″ from wall ) HANGING $72 (bowl: 5″ X 9″ + 18″ steel cable) POST $92 (bowl: 5″ X 9″ + 48″ post)

The New York Botanical Garden Shop

NYBG Haws Large Metal Watering Can – $64

This layout is so good it has been utilized for by gardeners for more than 100 years and is endorsed by the New York Botanical Gardens. To put it differently, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better or more appealing watering can. This is actually the 4-pint indoor version; additional sizes are available.

2-handled 4-pint indoor may
Hot-dip galvanized sheet metal with a powder coated painted finish.
Comes with a infant oval all brass sprayhead.


Smith & Hawken® 3-Pot Herb Greenhouse – $26.99

Assist your gardening friends get a jump start on spring with this stylish mini-greenhouse. The kit contains soil and seeds such as Basil, Parsley and Cilantro.

Dimensions: 10.5 inches length x 6.5 inches width x 6 inches height
Materials: Metal and Glass


Midwest Seed Bombs by visualingual on Etsy – $7

The graphic design on the packaging makes it something you will not ever want to throw away, and also the”bombs” make it easy to turn your thumb green. These Seed Bombs contain seeds for more than 20 unique wildflowers. Just make sure you keep them dry and warm until after the last frost, then plant.

Five gumball-sized balls
3 x 4 1/2-inch pouch
A number of different bomb components available for different parts of the United States

Charleston Gardens

Lighted Herb Planter – $195

If your gardening friends would rather have a more whimsical cottage look, this Lighted Herb Planter from Charleston Gardens has a built-in light and country style.

Crafted from green lacquered wood, the unit has a clear PVC liner to prevent escapes.
Dimensions: 28.5″L X 8.75″W

Design Within Reach

Lighthouse Outdoor Torch – $76.50

These torches were made for your modernist who enjoys a little outdoor flame but does not love kitschy tiki style.

Porcelain; aluminum
Dimensions: Small: H 12″ Diameter 6″
$76.50 for Small (also comes in Medium, Large, and Extra Large)

Design Public

Gerrie Napkins by Flowie – $38

These cheerful and abstract floral napkins will keep some garden cheer alive indoors all year long.

Materials:100% pre-washed linen with mitered corners. Hand screened with water-based inks.
20″ X 20″
$38.00 for a Collection of Two

Hable Construction

Hable Construction Clementine Beads Garden Gloves

These garden gloves are so adorable that all those you give them may not want to get them dirty! But they wash up nicely.

100% cotton canvas
Dimensions: 5″ x 10″
$ 25.00

Woolly Pocket

Wally One Wall Pocket – $40

Houzz friend Linda, author of the blog Restyled Home, picked these because”I really like these wall pockets which it is possible to develop a bit garden/flowers/herbs in and use inside or out! I think these are ideal for little space dwellers with limited gardening space”

Produced from 100% recycled plastic water bottles
Height = 15 inches
Length = 24 inches
Volume = .40 cubic feet


Bamboo Grow-Box: Paperwhites – $46

It’s just the right time of year to provide paperwhite bulbs. Easy to install and beautiful to have around the home in winter, this is an easy and eco-friendly gift. Everything needed to create them grow comes from the bundle.

Handmade bamboo box, bulb(s), organic soil, organic coconut husks for decoration, ribbon made from recycled plastic bottles
5.25″ tall x 10″ diameter

The Spoon Sisters

Shed Nation Design, Build & Customize the Fantastic Shed for Your Yard – $19.95

This book is great for the gardener who’s handy with a hammer and requires additional storage space for gardening tools. Possessing a potting shed is every gardener’s dream; help your favourite gardener create that dream a reality.



Hurricane Lamp From Eva Solo Of Denmark – $68

Thanks so much to Houzz Community Member susanlg for turning me on to Eva Solo’s products! This hurricane lantern is a beautiful contemporary light to hang from a tree branch or set on a table when dining outdoors and enjoying the garden.

Adaptive silicone base which catches the wax- that the dried wax is then easily removed by flexing the base
Stainless steel, silicone, and glass

Mecox Gardens

There is something really classic and primitive about this sweet little birdhouse – it feels like it would fit right to a Palladian villa’s grounds, a French Chateau’s gardens, or even a 1/4 acre from the suburbs in the countries.

17″W x 15.5″D x 17″H


Grobal Self-Watering Planter Product Detail – $25

This sleek planter was designed by Karim Rashid, comes in an array of fun colors, and above all, is self watering! Great for the gardener who likes to grow plants inside and does not have a trusted kid across the road to enter and water the crops when she is out of town.

Packaging: Graphic gift box
Box Includes: Grobal. Growing medium, Nutra-packs (3), Instructions.
Large: 7.1″ w x 7″ H ($25.00)
Baby: 4.6″ w x 4.8″ h ($15.00)

White Flower Farm

Naturalizing Bulb Planter by White Flower Farm – $79.95

If your gardening friend is daffodil and tulip obsessed, then this instrument will save his spine and then inspire him to plant such as his location is Your Biltmore. It’s specially created for making holes in hard dirt. Throw in gift certificate for some White Flower Farms bulbs to give him a head start during planting season.

2 1/2in-wide blade which slices easily through compacted and rocky soils.

The Home Depot

Martha Stewart Living Softgrip Trowel – $5.97

No gardening manual would be complete without a little something from Martha Stewart! This soft-grip gardening trowel is an ideal stocking stuffer for your favorite gardener.

Stainless steel head resists corrosion
Soft cushion grip for comfort
Solid one-piece construction for strength
Cast aluminum head makes for easy cleaning and resists corrosion
Hang hole for easy storage


3D Garden Pinwheels – $17

I don’t care how old you are, pinwheels are totally fun. This is the grown up modern edition, ideal for the modern gardener who wants just a bit of vertical whimsey in his or her beds.

Stainless steel Intended for outdoor use, but not designed to weather extreme winds. Stainless steel is naturally rust-resistant.
Large: 11″ dia. X 35″ H
Small: 7.5″ dia. x 23″ H

The greatest thing about an American Horticultural Society Membership is that there is a reciprocity program that offers entry to hundreds of botanical gardens and historical sites all over the country.

$35 Couple/Sustaining Membership
$50 Family/Contributing Membership


Great Gardens of America – $50

This book covers gardens across the U.S. designed by the greatest garden designers and landscape architects in our history, from Thomas Jefferson to Martha Schwartz. Yes, I’m biased, they are two of my all-time favorites, but trust me, I understand my gardens, along with your gardening friend will really like to peruse this tome through the chilly winter months while dreaming of a frost-free spring planting season.

Hardback, 304 pages.
Your purchase supports Monticello along with the Thomas Jefferson Foundation’s mission of preservation and education.


Grip EZ Stainless Steel Compost Keeper – $32.95

Thanks so much to Houzz Member basketlink for pointing out that the Gift Guide for Cooks was lacking a counter top compost bin! Your gardening giftee will keep soil-enriching kitchen detritus from going to waste with this contemporary stainless steel bin.

Stainless steel. Dishwasher safe.
11″(h) x 7″(Id )
1 gallon (3.75 liter)


Watering Balls Flower Babysitter – $10.50

I saw some of these stunning hand-blown glass Watering Balls in a buddy’s home and thought they were purely decorative. But they are extremely functional – you fill them with water and the ball lets it out gradually over 4-5 days!

Balls water crops for 4-5 days
$10.50-$13.50, depending on size

Design Public

Jan Habraken Shovel Birdhouse – $190

Houzz Buddy, photographer, angry D.I.Y.er and author of the blog Asiz’s Child, Ali, says”since I’m deprived of having a yard or garden of my own (urban loft living is going to do that to you) I can only imagine how cool it would be to have a shovel, let alone a shovel with a birdhouse attached”

Wood and metal.
60 x 8 x 8


Monticello’s “Favorite Flowers” Sampler – $16

Monticello has some of the most beautiful flowers in the world, a lot of which have been made by Thomas Jefferson. This seed sampler contains Cockscomb, French Mallow, Globe Amaranth, Joseph’s Coat, Love-in-the-Mist, Pincushion Flower, and Sensitive Plant.



No. 1 Terrarium – $38

Your favourite gardener could be chomping at the bit to get out from the dirt during the winter. This terrarium can help tide her over. Its sudden mason jar shape is a nice break from the typical 1970s biodome terrarium.

9″H, 5″ diameter

Charleston Gardens

Garden Seat/Kneeler – $55

I was searching for a easy garden kneeling pad but instead I came across this fantastic double-duty bench/kneeler. Use it like a garden seat or turn it over to use it like a kneeler!

Easily folds for storage
24.5″L X 10″W X 19.75″H; 8 LBS.

Charleston Gardens

Cobrahead Weeder Tool – $30

Give this weeding tool, save a manicure! This tiny blade catches those pesky invasives with ease.

Can also be utilized to nurture, transplant and plant

Unison Home

Kiikku White Planter – $298

This beautiful walnut ladder plant rack with four ceramic pots is absolutely sublime and it is a fantastic way to bring the plants inside.

4 detachable ceramic pots with clear glossy finish
Solid walnut framework
Ceramic parts dishwasher safe


Brass Armillary Sundial – $99

A timeless sundial on a pedestal may be the ideal focal point in a garden. This brass variant has a traditional style and its patina will alter over time.

Time Band – 18 Inch
Arrow Length – 31 Inch
Base Diameter – 7 Inch
Overall Height – 21 Inch


Glass House Cloche – $98

A garden cloche retains plants protected from the elements during the frosty months. This one is so beautiful it also makes a fantastic decorative accent inside.

22″H, 15″W, 15″D


Food Map Container – $159

This rolling planter is great for urban gardeners plus it is created from all sorts of environmentally friendly materials. It really doesn’t get more locavore than grabbing tomatoes from a bin onto the balcony.

23.25″ x 30″


Cedar Plant Pyramid – $165

If your favourite gardener wants help getting perpendicular, this high-quality cedar pyramid will get the job finished. Use for scaling flowers like Clematis or in the veggie garden for beans. It’s practical and also an architectural focal point in the garden.

Produced in Canada of natural Western Red Cedar
Weathers naturally to a silvery gray
All hardware and assembly instructions included
69″h x 21″ sq., 30 lbs.


VERDO Watering Can by Blomus – $145.53

The contemporary gardener will love the kind of this sleek stainless steel watering can with wooden handles.

Made from stainless steel
Wooden handles
Large: Height 13.8″ Width 18.1″ Depth 6.9″
Little: Height 10.4″ Width” Depth 6.9″


Green Mums Doormat – $38

This is a good back door doormat for wiping off dirt-crusted gardening boots and clogs. Gardeners will love the botanical silhouette graphics.

18″H, 30″W

The New York Botanical Garden Shop

Celia Birtwell Garden Pruner – $28

Oh, I looked at each of the best, most high-tech pruners, but in the long run, I couldn’t resist these mad floral Celia Birtwell pruners — they are just way too adorable not to give to your favourite gardener.

Cuts stems up to 3/4″ in diameter
The blades are heat-treated for lasting sharpness, along with the”non-stick” coated blade gives a clean cut
Easy locking safety catch protects your hands.
83/4″ extended


‘Waterproof’ Porcelain Vase – $140

I’m just going to say : This vase is completely weird, but it is awesome at precisely the same moment. Shaped like Wellie boots and available in white or a blue onion-esque pattern, your gardening friend will love it or hate it there is n

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