Architect's Toolbox: Wash the Wall With Sunlight

Architects and designers relish the chance to explore approaches to deliver natural light inside. Whether it comes through a side window, skylight or natural lighting enlivens a space.

Among the wondrous aspects of this design element is the way the light varies with the time of the seasons. Capturing, molding and shaping this light will enrich your house and your life from the most fundamental and profound ways.

Aleck Wilson Architects

Light from the side pops across a surface to alter how we see and understand that surface. Every variation in feel, combined line and piece of the surface has been emphasized dramatically. We get a sense of how the wall was built and gives structure to the distances.

Andrea Swan – Swan Architecture

Natural light washing round the surface from top to bottom causes this stairway a location to be, not just a place to stroll through. In fact, placing a window or skylight near the top of the staircase is one of the most enriching methods to deliver natural light inside. Think of what’s more enjoyable — a stair that’s bathed in light or one that is closed in by walls.

Bruce Wright

With the origin of the natural lighting from the sides and above, the drama of light and shadow across the wall is all of the art work required here.

Hanrahan Meyers Architects

The origin of the light doesn’t have to be visible. In fact, there are instances when seeing the skylight is akin to the magician revealing the secret. It only takes away from the magic.

Eisner Design LLC

There is A brick wall a natural. The feel and overall feel that these bricks were stacked by hand comes out once lit this manner.

Definitely washing a tiled wall in lighting is an effective way to add beauty to your bathroom. Supplying a slot of lighting that allows the tile to operate up beyond the ceiling line gives an incomparable sense of spaciousness.

The Office of Charles de Lisle

Rather than a gentle, complete wash, a skylight can provide a strong focused shaft of light. The key point is that the shaft of light will change position during the day. It may almost be to indicate time.

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