The Art of Mix-and-Match Style

There is something to be said for symmetry and furnishings that are identical at a space. I believe rooms with the personality have the uniformity. It can be much more intriguing walking into a room that showcases the sudden and unpredictable. If you decide to go this route, you will have far more flexibility in your style, but bear in mind that careful coordination along with a few balance is essential. You don’t want to end up with a distance that is uncomfortable or perplexing. Here are 8 excellent examples of how to mix and match:

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A nice way to blend and match furnishings is to unify them with a common hue. In this space, the lamps differ in height and style, but the colour green is what allows them to”talk” to each other.

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On either side of this mattress, you will observe that the nightstands and artwork are somewhat different. However, equity is made since the height on both sides is the same. This type of symmetry isn’t always necessary, but visual balance does help to create a room feel much more comfortable for some people.

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When several chairs are needed for a large dining table, it is always nice to break up the monotony with host and hostess seats at both ends. Here, two chairs reinforce the accents at the space and at a striking shade of crimson create interest.

Adding a lengthy, slender lamp with a brief chunky one is a daring move. Nonetheless, this is the form of visual pressure that mixing and matching brings to some space, and I believe that makes the entire space more intriguing.

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Who said that a mattress needs a lamp on both sides? This is a principle that is meant to be broken, particularly if the mattress is yours.

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These mismatched lounge chairs work very well because they are the exact same size. Sameness in scale and relaxation is important when using unlike furniture bits in near proximity — notably chairs, where guests will always race for the most comfortable seat.

A whimsical, casual distance is ideal for mixing this up. This entertaining sports bar seems meant for a little lively mixing and matching. The bar stools are the exact same dimensions, but the different upholstery makes them extra cool.

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Mixing up light fixtures is a sure way to conquer that strict, uniform hotel-lobby look. In case you’ve got the opportunity to utilize multiple hanging fittings, pick a varied collection. You can always unify them by choosing the same end , but the look will not be quite as humdrum.

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