A Honeymoon Cottage for Bella and Edward

I acknowledge it. I’m pushing 40, I read each the Twilight books and I already have solid plans to go see Breaking Morning: Part 1 this weekend. ‘Fess up — are any of you going to see it? I only go to see the fantastic scenery and architecture (that’s about as accurate as people saying they get specific lad mags for the posts ). Seriously though, the scenery and the design in the movies makes up for a lot of the cheese variable — you’ve got the Hoke House from Skylab Architecture serving as the Cullen’s home, Montepulciano Italy serving as Volterra and the glorious forests of the Pacific Northwest serving as a sublime backdrop.

Breaking Dawn needs to bring us some new unforgettable abodes, such as a private island off South America and a honeymoon cottage in the woods where Bella and Edward have some solitude from the remainder of the vampire clan. From what I remember from the book, this was a really romantic stone cottage right from a fairy tale. I’m curious to see what the place scouts and put designers do with this. Here are some possibilities.

Skylab Architecture

This is the principal house in the fictional Cullen property, which is really the Hoke House from Skylab Architecture.

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Eifler & Associates Architects

Hoke House + Stone = This Stunning Cottage. If I had to select the ideal counterpart for the Hoke House to have tucked nearby in the forests, it’d be this modern gem.

John Gehri Zerrer

Because the forests are filled with creeks and ravines, a modern steel bridge could offer a scene-stealing entrance to Bella and Edward’s cabin.

David Vandervort Architects

For a more rustic vibe, this cozy cabin in the timber looks warm and inviting.

Eck | MacNeely Architects inc..

Perhaps the couple would like to have their cottage nestled between the forests and a field, so that Bella can admire Edward’s skin glistening like diamonds in the sunlight.

RDM Architecture

The cottage should definitely have a magical garden path like this.

Anthony Wilder Design/Build, Inc..

Because vampires don’t sleep, their cottage will be lit up like a lantern all night .

SchappacherWhite Architecture D.P.C.

If the cottage is more traditionally romantic, a flowing mosquito mesh will proceed with the flowery writing.

Susan Jay Design

This romantic bedroom is ideal for the newlyweds. It’s light and airy with a rustic cathedral ceiling and is lit with a stunning silk Fortuny chandelier.

James Hill Architect, AIA

Well, like Rosalie warned in Eclipse, Edward and Bella won’t have the ability to grow old and sit on rocking chairs on their front porch, because they’ll be teens forever. However, a pair of rockers at a setting such as this appeals to couples of all ages.


After the honeymoon period is over and they go into the main house, Bella and Edward’s room will probably look something like this, therefore that they can jump right out the chimney into the trees.

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