Use Draperies to Warm Up Your Rooms for Winter

In some houses, it’s common practice to swap out the drapery in accordance with the season. Lightweight and sheer draperies welcome the sun and warm breezes during the spring and summertime. Come autumn and winter, heavier fabrics shield against cool air. I personally don’t do this, mainly due to lack of storage and budget, but the notion of”winterizing” the house in this fashion sounds comfy. Plus, it’s always fun to change things up. But whether you are changing your drapery for your season or just looking for a change, the following photos showcase some great options.

Glenn Gissler Design

Nothing warms a space like big, dramatic drapes. Try layering two distinct types of fabric to perform up the warmth even more through loads of feel.

Just Joh

Do not feel as though your curtains will need to stop at the floor. Letting them pile up a bit at the bottom showcases their thickness in a relaxed fashion.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Consider emulating the season’s colors. These brown and orange shades are a perfect match for autumn.

Elizabeth Gordon

Windows aren’t the only places that are worthy of curtains. Feel free to hang them liberally across a wall socket. Texture equals warmth, and this look includes plenty of feel.

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Are there windows behind these curtains? Who knows! But how enticing does this bed seem with all the wall of drapery behind it?

Robert Couturier

Do not think winter-appropriate curtains can’t be white. It really depends upon the weight of the fabric: As long as it’s heavy and usually opaque, you are going to achieve the perfect look.

Elizabeth Gordon

Consider mixing shades with your curtains. Functionally, the shades will block even more chilly outdoor air. Aesthetically, they include an excess punch of drama to your windows.

Van H. Robinson

It’s the exact same idea as before, but this time with thicker fabric sunglasses and scrumptious deep-gold curtains.

Edwina Drummond Interiors

If curtains and sunglasses are a lot of, look at adding a valance. Not to sound like a broken record, but more feel equals more warmth!

Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

Without a doubt, velvet draperies instantly pass the cool-weather–appropriate evaluation. They are heavy, opaque and ├╝ber comfy, particularly when they come in deep colors similar to this rich navy. I can picture myself enjoying a hot chocolate or two in this area!

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