Cannas Bulb Storage Techniques

A mattress of canna lilies is a a terrific way to method to include a dramatic appearance to your own garden Redding. With massive blossoms and big leaves, canna lilies are accessible in various colors. In the ground Fresno year round, canna lilies may be left in areas without frost. Where winter temperatures fall below 30 degrees Fahrenheit, the rhizomes should be dug up and stored on the winter the following spring for re-planting.

Preparing For Storage

Canna lily rhizomes needs to be dug up following a frost kills the foliage. Remove them in the ground Long Beach cautiously to prevent injury to the rhizomes. Cut the foliage that is dead to your height of approximately 2 to 3″. It is an excellent time, in the event the rhizomes require to be split. Carefully slice the the rhizome therefore each new piece includes a portion of of the stem — the area of next year’s buds. Dust using a fungicide. In the event the rhizomes are saved in soil, nothing more needs to be completed. Carefully clean the rhizomes when they will not be be saved in soil and abandon them in a dry spot for a few times to remedy.

Storage Mediums

Mediums are ideal for storing lily rhizomes. They are able to be positioned across the rhizome in a paper-bag still with soil. Rhizomes that were cured layered in sawdust or peat moss or may be wrapped in newspaper. The storage medium needs to be kept moist but not wet. Merely include some moist soil if required if saved in a paper-bag. Mist in the event the medium becomes dry if utilizing one of the other storage mediums.

Storage Area

The rhizomes ought to be saved in a spot that’s no warmer-than 50 levels Fahrenheit, including garage or a basement. The crisper drawer of a fridge is a storage area that is appropriate.

Monitor Circumstances

Monitor the state of the rhizomes month-to-month and discard rhizomes that present signs of fungus or rot. They need to be held moist dry enough s O they don’t rot but to keep them from blow drying.

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