The best way to Plant a Paper Birch

Add fragile shade to the landscaping of your home by planting a paper birch tree. Its bark peels off in sheets that are papery and provides to your own curb appeal by helping sustain a vibrant, open feel. Paper birch grows in places where it can not get too warm, such as California. It needs lots of sunshine but it demands extremely moist soil; use mulch when planting to help keep the ground moist across the shallow root system of the paper birch tree.

Select the website for the paper birch tree. The best website allows sunlight to make it to the leaves of the tree without permitting too much sunlight dry it out and to contact the floor. The floor needs to be relatively level, considering that the roots of the birch tree usually are shallow, about 24-inches. Its roots will not be be deep enough to to keep it up right as it grows in case you plant it on a slope.

Dig a hole with your shovel that’s about 2″ deeper in relation to the height of your paper about twice as broad and tree ‘s root ball. Loosen the soil on sides and the bottom of the hole using a garden rake. Till it’s moist but no water is standing in the underside water the soil.

Remove the root ball of the tree in the pot or burlap bag. Trim a way broken roots which are hanging in the root ball. Stand the tree up in the hole.

Dirt again in the hole. Hold the tree up right, as you add more soil modifying it, to keep it standing as straight as possible. Cover the root ball with at least 1-inch of soil, and tamp it down using the shovel. Nicking roots with shovel blade.

Create depression or a properly in the dirt near the trunk of the tree, using a trowel or your fingers. This keep the ground moist and helps direct water. Water throughout the tree before the ground is moist, then protect the floor with mulch to help wthhold the the dampness. Continue before the tree is properly proven, watering water as essential to keep the ground in the hotter months, usually about once a week throughout the tree moist. The tree needs to be watered for approximately two years in the warmth of summer, to give an excellent begin to it.

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