Creating Nests in Open-Plan Spaces

The weather’s hot at this time, but fall is just around the corner. Soon, it’ll be time to start rethinking our decoration and intending pockets of room to cuddle into.

It’s easy to believe that a nest or corner may only fit in country-style houses or tiny cottages, but that’s simply not true. Cozy hideaways feel as much at home in modern, open-plan spaces such as lofts.

Continue reading to debunk a few common misconceptions about nests and your home’s style.

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Modern, Open-Plan Spaces Could Have Nests

Nesting and modern layout are notmutually exclusive. Have a look at this layout, which nestles a window seat under the spacious, modern stairway. Sitting in that seat with a novel and staring out the massive window at the endless vista would be a great way to spend a chilly winter day.

Open floor plans do not imply that you can’t create nooks. Try placing a couch or bed under a window for the perfect nap and studying spot. The short wall at the rear of this seating area generates only a part of an enclosure to feel comfortable and secure.

More on the Way to Make a nest

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Any Kitchen Could Have a Nest

Open, modern kitchens do not need to get stark, uncomfortable seats. Nestle a tiny table, chair and bench seat to some window for the perfect place to watch the winter birds.

David Whitney

My favorite breakfast nooks are the smaller ones who feel extra cozy — little chairs tucked into a pocket of room with a view into the backyard. A spot like this is really where I would spend every morning with a cup of coffee, my legs curled up along with my notebook in front of me.

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A restaurant-style booth in vibrant orange provides a cozy nook without compromising style in this modern kitchen.

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Modern and Country Bathrooms Can Feel Cozy

Are you currently redoing a toilet this winter? Consider surrounding your bathtub or placing it in a corner to make a sense of privacy. This tiny blue tub makes the perfect nest for wintertime bubble baths with a view on the centered window.

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If you’re planning to rip down walls to expand your toilet, you might want to reconsider that choice and consider the advantage of a tiny bathing area. With all those walls and that one little window, it’s the ideal nest for a long, hot soak.


Nooks and Nests at Modern Hallways and Staircases

Are you tired of an unused staircase landing? Produce a tiny nest with bookshelves and a bench seat, and anchor it with a little area rug.

This tiny nest is a great addition to this modern hallway area. The pillows and cushion have clean lines and simple style to keep the look consistent.


When there’s an unusual space at the base of your staircase, outfit it with a deep window seat and load it up with pillows and blankets for fall. Keep the appearance diverse with a modern dining table and floor.

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Go to get a more classic look with whites and walnut and then carve out a tiny nest at the base of your main stairwell. The game board at the tabletop makes this a perfect location for 2.

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Whether you’re working with a large home or a little cabin, a modern loft or a timeless Colonial, you may add a nest to maintain your home feeling cozy and comfortable at any time of year.

Keep your furnishings and accessories consistent with your style and do not be afraid to leave walls up when renovating your distance. A tiny nest to conceal in can make your home a tranquil retreat from the world.


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