Jewelry Storage: 8 Pretty, Practical Organizing Ideas

Ever since I outgrew my jewelry box with all the turning ballerina inside, I have been in a bit of a loss as to where to stash my expanding collection of baubles. In a ideal world, I would have a cupboard tricked out with custom-configured, velvet-lined drawers, with a designated place for every chunky necklace or chandelier earring. Not being Carrie from Sex and the City, however, I need a budget-friendly — yet nevertheless artful — method to maintain them in their place. These ideas fill both needs with aplomb.

Shoshana Gosselin

Necklaces and bracelets lift plain white vases and then turn them into invoice bits. Just bear in mind that metals that tend to tarnish, for example silver, will do this when exposed to open air for long periods. Keep the gloss useful.

Atypical Type A

So easy, yet so smart: Earrings and necklaces hang from bands of wire strung along a cupboard wall. Avoid tangles by leaving lots of space in between each.

Michelle Rees

Here’s one for the wish-I’d-thought-of-that section. Necklaces shown on a dress form adds immediate personality to a dressing table space or bedroom.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

If you’ve got a fantastic jewellery collection, why not show it off? This display, which overlooks an whole wall, doubles as d├ęcor. Organizing bits by size and style is a great way to find the one you need at a glance.

Framed mesh jewelry displays are everywhere, but what sets this one apart is the way that it’s incorporated into the gallery wall. Immediate artwork!

I love this spin on the screen idea: yummy lace rather than wire mesh. This would look at home in a cottage-style bedroom.

Festooned with jewellery, these antlers go from offbeat to outrageous. Slim, delicate necklaces work nicely on a sculptural piece like this, because they don’t overshadow its strong profile.

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