Guest Picks: Colorful Art

The walls in my home are still fairly bare, and I am looking to add some colour. Here are a few punchy prints that I’ve seen around the internet which are contenders for my walls. I love that good art is so available today, as a result of the internet. — Melanie from You Are My Fave

Michelle Armas

Antonia Printing – $35

Michelle Armas is a genius with blending colour. Any of her paintings could make a massive impact.

Lulie Wallace

Set 7: Tots – $75

I own a Lulie Wallace painting, and now I call it my joyful painting; it always elicits a smile when I look at it.


Sunlight Fine Art Giclee Print by Siiso – $35

I’d really like to get a distinctive Yangyang for the wonderful texture. The colour is really fantastic too.


Spree of this Moment by Messicakes – $195

Brightly colored buttons produce a great routine and remind me of candy.


Original Abstract Acrylic Painting on Canvas,’History ‘ by Emmy Rickard – $850

That is another abstract piece that I am crazy about. It only pops.


Colorful Minimalist Abstract Landscape Painting by Lauren Adams Art – $375

The softness of the piece will please the girl in the house, and the colours will please the man — win-win.


Hill by Kelly Neidig – $208

Mint green is the colour of this moment, and this painting mixes it with other colours which are just spot on.

Up Up Creative

Color Wheel Alphabet Print – $24

A color wheel alphabet print is perfect for livening up the walls of a children room.


The Beginning

I really like the scale of the piece; it’s big and bold.

Paul Ferney Fine Art

Le Fleur Giclee Printing – $39

I can’t think of a much more pleasing subject matter.

Color Stack Series #5 – $24

This print is simple and joyful, like a box of crayons.


Check Mark Art Printing by 2 Ems – $26

Colorful stripes are always a triumph.


Blossom 9 – AUD 120

I like the retro feel of the print. It’s great colors and a great form.

Saatchi Art

City Lights by Claire Desjardins – $1,944

The title for this can be”City Lights,” which I think is simply perfect.

Crossed by Joe Kievitt – $24

This reminds me of the quilting jobs my mom always appeared to be working on.


Atlas 39, Big – AUD 120

The geometric pattern is very on trend at this time.

Jelly Belly by Jonathan Lewis – $20

This one is entitled”Jelly Belly,” and it definitely does look like a bin of jelly beans.


Abstract Design by 2 Ems – $26

This looks like a bunch of leaves from trees in a Dr. Seuss book.

Saatchi Art

Shimmer by Claire Desjardins

I like the mosaic look of the painting.


Abstract Colorful Print by Aeropagita Prints – $30

This looks like a colorful firework display, and what is happier than that?

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