Show Us Your Legs

The right furniture leg may turn your space from flat to fab. Only request Swedish couple Jana Cagin and Mikael Söderblom, who had been desperate in their hunt for the ideal pair of furniture legs they began promoting customizable leg selections for decor through Pretty Pegs. Pretty Pegs’ splashy legs come in just the right moment; after all, we have added bling to chair backs, adored the dip look in decor and chosen hardware jewellery for our homes. Dressing up furniture legs looks like the inevitable next step.

Prove us: Perhaps you have spruced up any bits with fresh legs? If so, please place a picture in the Comments section. The legs of your furniture could look in a followup feature on the homepage.


Functional and subdued above, pretty and playful at the feet, this Karlstad sofa receives a major style boost from the salmon-tone Siri.


Essy in Black

Pretty Pegs’ Essy leg could make a fitting addition to the Haus of Gaga, don’t you think?

Designpad architecture – Patrick Perez Architect

Architect Patrick Perez customized this wash basin with dining table legs from the neighborhood hardware shop. The legs reflect the warm wood tones of this dressing table, stool and woven jar; the legs’ narrow and long appearance keeps the visual plane of the toilet from being interrupted.

Prove usPerhaps you have dressed up and customized your furniture legs? Insert your photo by clicking”Attach Images” if you remark and choosing the photo on your desktop computer to share.

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