The best way to Hang a Wood Shelf

Wooden shelf installation is an easy and quick solution to add space for storage to your room. A a strong wood shelf holds decorative antiques, pictures, publications or anything you want. However, you have to choose the time to install the shelf correctly, utilizing assistance that is sufficient, or it might not be in a position to support the the fat which you place onto it.

The Planning

You may want to locate the studs in your drywall before you begin drilling holes. It is possible to ensure the greatest quantity of assistance for the shelves by drilling to the studs. Slide your studfinder over the wall where the sensor starts to beep, indicating the existence of studs and mark the places. Install your shelf brackets. Use a tape measure to make sure your pencil marks are exactly the the same height off the floor and near enough together to to allow for your shelf.

The Drilling Method

Drill in your pencil marks 8 inch drill bit, creating space for the anchors. Just fasten the bracket to the wall utilizing a steel wall anchor and screw in the event that you would like to use your shelf for mild objects like photo frames. To get a more heavy load, use a better toggler anchor, offered in home improvement shops.

Anchoring Your Brackets

So your topmost hole on the bracket aligns with all the holeinthewall place a shelf bracket contrary to the wall. Use an even to make sure that every bracket is completely aligned, equally vertically and horizontally when installing your brackets. Slide your anchor then insert the screw to the anchor. Secure the bracket more by drilling screws through the holes across the bracket to the wall. Repeat this method for the bracket. You might want to put an extra bracket in the middle when you yourself have a very heavy load.

Situating Your Shelf

Place your shelf evenly. On the entrance of every bracket, you need to notice a T least one hole beneath the shelf. Drill a screw in to each hole, producing a durable basis and fastening the bracket. Use 11/4inch wood screws and don’t drill every one of the way.

For Smaller Shelves

For those who have a little shelf with key hole mountings across the back and you also intend to use it for objects that are mild, it is possible to skip the brackets completely. Just spot anchors inside the stud, drill a screw in to each anchor, and slide the key-hole mounts to the screws.