The best way to Hang Pictures From a Dropped Ceiling

A suspended ceiling is a grid of ceiling tiles held in place with a steel body or dropped. The tiles crack and split and that means you can not connect screws or nails to them. Instead, a strong framework is offered by the steel frame from which to to hold photos in the ceiling. It’s possible for you to buy hooks with dropped ceilings, developed for use, or you’ll be able to use photo-hanging wire to suspend images from the body of the ceiling.

Screw eye that is little hooks to the back, leading corners of your picture-frame. If required, drill starter holes. Some probably will not require holes and hooks have two screws to to keep them. The eye hooks that are a screw using a circle hook on the finish as they do not have a head a screw-driver can relate to to supply leverage, might require aid.

Measure the the length between the two eye hooks.

Measure how low you want the image to to hold. Add 6″ then cut two pieces of photo-hanging wire to that particular length. Like, in the event that you want the very top of the image to to hold one foot cut two pieces of wire 18-inches long, using wire-cutters.

Wrap one end of the picture-hanging wire through the eye hook, leaving a tail about 3″ long. Connect the tail to the wire over the eye hook – . Repeat together with the eye hook.

Climb a ladder while a friend holds the image that is wired. While you wire it in to location, ask the buddy to support the the fat of the photo over his head.

Measure the width involving the eye of the picture’s hooks on aline of the steel ceiling body. Mark equally ends having a pencil.

Push through to the ceiling tile on one facet of the body and slide the end-of one of the wires involving the frame as well as the tile in the mark you produced. Lay the tile in place. Push through to the tile on another side of the body, then attain inside and seize the wire. Pull about 3″ of the wire down involving the tile as well as the frame.

Secure the quick piece of wire to the piece that is linked to to the image, utilizing a wire-rope clip. Repeat the method together with the wire that is 2nd, matching it by means of your 2nd mark.