The best way to Paint a Brick Chimney

A brick chimney is masonry, and like all masonry, it’s porous. That makes an ideal area to be painted and means it’s going to soak up paint quickly. It’s so porous the best way to use paint is using a paint sprayer. Even though you are going to waste paint because of over-spray, it’s still significantly more effective spray-painting the brick than both rolling or brushing it on.

Clean the brick before painting. The the easiest method to to clean up all of the cracks and crevices in brick function will be to use a pressure washer on reduced although a brush using a dishwashing answer will be sufficient. Not only can it eliminate grime, but nonetheless, it will also eliminate any flaking on broken and free mortar and the area. In the event the brick is shiny, glazed or has embedded glass chips, you’ll want to lightly sand the area utilizing 100-grit sandpaper before priming and painting.

Tuck level any mortar in the chimney which is missing. This fix is essential to get a paint job to last. Any mortar has to be changed with new mortar used using a dry wall knife. Press the mortar that is new in to location and permit it to dry before painting.

Spread a dropcloth round the foot of the chimney. This can prevent paint.

Determine what kind of paint to use. This can decide the way your chimney appears when painted and is the most crucial stage. In case your chimney is used only sporadically, like to get a hot water heater or a hearth, practically any latex-based primer and paint will do. When it is used thoroughly, like to get a wood or a furnace – stove that is warmed a high-temperature paint is the only choice.

Paint the chimney having a primer. Use a latex primer, or in case your chimney is uncovered to temperatures that are to raised, use a large- primer. The bricks liberally and enable them to dry entirely.

Paint the chimney using a complete paint. The bricks liberally and enable them to dry. Oftentimes you may need only one-coat, but two coats may be needed in case you are using a shade.