The best way to Make Aged Mulch Seem New

Landscaping Phoenix AZ mulch may be costly to to displace after year, particularly if it handles huge regions of your lawn in Salt Lake City. And raking, bagging and disposing of the mulch signifies lots of work. A colorant — a dye to make mulch that is aged seem new again, especially designed for — can arrive at the rescue. Use the colorant mulch.

Rake any mulch that’s worked its way from the specified region to neaten the edges of the bed.

Tape cardboard or plastic over places including structures, patios or rocks that are next to the mulch. These locations will be completely stained by mulch dye. With therefore you do not spray cover crops blooms or leaves.

Mix water and the colorant in line with the instructions. Four to six ounces blended with with every 2 gallons of water are usually called for by brands of colorant.

Pour the colorant that is blended right into a pump sprayer. Till the mulch is coated the dye mixture along with the mulch, keeping the sprayer 3 to 6″ over the mulch. Allow the spray. Don’t clean foliage which gets sprayed; the dye will rinse-off in the rain that is next.

Remove tape and the plastic you used to protect crops and hardscape. Till it’s clear rinse the garden Chico sprayer with water.