The best way to Remove the White Haze Left After Grouting Tiles

Grout is a combination of additives and Portland cement, for completing the gaps between tiles utilized. After tile installation, grout residue generally forms a white-coloured haze on the the top of tiles. The residue is most useful eliminated soon after after tile installation but maybe not before the grout has cured. In the event the residue has hardened and was never eliminated, you can nevertheless remove it. Your tiles are unglazed or in the event the residue is extremely stubborn, use a grout haze remover remedy that is specific obtainable at any given home improvement center.

Scrub the Residue

Moisten several tiles using the water.

Scrub the tiles using the nylon scrubbing pad. In the event the residue doesn’t scrub off rapidly exert more work.

Dry and buff the tiles using a terry cloth towel that is dry.

Repeat these actions working your path on the other side of the tile area.

Use Haze Remover

Dab a small quantity of the the answer on a clean, moist sponge or straight to the tiles according to the directions of manufacturer.

Rub the the answer on the tiles to eliminate the residue.

Rinse the tiles carefully with clear water.

Buff the tiles dry using a terry cloth towel.