The best way to Remove & Install a Microwave Above a Range

Remodeling your kitchen usually requires installing and removing a microwave over the number. The task isn’t hard, because micro-waves can get very large when attempting to elevate them when operating on creating the change, but you need to possess a helper. Most of the time, in the event the alternative microwave has the same dimensions as the unique, it is possible to use the same bracket. This may include the elimination of installation of a new one and the current bracket.

Turn the power off to the microwave in the circuit-breaker box. So you have lots of space to perform, pull the array from the wall.

Open the junction box. Disconnect the wires involving the circuit as well as the microwave. Remove the screws securing the microwave to the cupboard bottom utilizing a screwdriver and drill bit. As you launch the screws make sure somebody is keeping the microwave.

Raise the microwave somewhat and launch it. Place the microwave from the way. Remove the current bracket by using a screwdriver and drill bit to loosen the screws. Set the bracket apart.

Place the template for the microwave bracket on the wall. Mark the area of every one of the holes you need to drill for the bracket using a drill-bit as well as the drill. Make sure at least one aspect of the bracket screws to studs. In the event any studs are missed by the screws, you should need certainly to use anchors to mount the microwave, but you need to secure the wall bracket to a-T least one-stud when you hang a microwave.

Line it up using the marks and place the bracket on the wall you produced. Check the bracket for level utilizing the carpenter’s le Vel. Once it’s le Vel utilizing a drill, screw-driver bit as well as the mounting components for the bracket secure the bracket to the wall.

Lift the microwave in to spot having an assistant. As you spot the microwave on the bracket insert the wires. While your helper retains it in location secure the microwave to the underside of the cupboard utilizing a Phillips screw-driver.

Connect the wires involving the microwave as well as the circuit. Black or red wires are warm, grey or white wires are neutral, as well as the floor wire is bare or green. Once you make the connections wire nuts within the wire splices. Push the wires to the junction box by tightening the screws with a Phillips screw-driver, and near it.

After you secure the microwave push the array again back to spot. Turn the powersupply on in the circuit-breaker box and system the microwave in line with the guidelines of the manufacturer’s.