The best way to Sand a Wood Staircase

With a little elbow-grease as well as sand-paper, an aged wood staircase could be offered a complete new look. The first job will be to remove the end, when the time comes to re-finish a wood staircase. Whether varnished, painted or merely clear -coated, it has to come off. While a novice level project, the the job requires persistence and time. Be prepared to spend several hours on finishing the the job correctly.

Use 60-grit sandpaper on a ground that is round sander to eliminate the end that is original in the middle of the wood stair. Using treatment to not hit the walls or handrails, operate the sander on the other side of the middle of every stair. Clean away the particles using an industrial vacuum.

Sand the rise of every step as well as the parts of the stairs having a little hand sander utilizing 60-grit sandpaper. Move cautiously along the edges so as not hitting hand-rails or the walls. Vacuum the particles away.

Repeat the procedure -grit sandpaper using the round sander down the middle then the sander on the rise as well as the edges. The 120-grit sandpaper leave a sleek surface and will eliminate the last of the end.